5 Ways A Small Exhibition Stand Design Can Also Make A BIG IMPACT


There is a popular saying that says, “Small Is Big”. Similarly, there is another saying that says, “Less Is Good”.

Even a small thing like a small exhibition stand design can make a big impact if used creatively. What better platform can there be to do it than exhibitions. They provide a fabulous opportunity for companies to connect with the right audience; and at the same time, reach out to newer audiences as well.

A small exhibition stand design is economical and budget-friendly when compared to its bigger counterparts. You do not require a big exhibition space nor do you need more staff to manage your exhibition stand. Most importantly, it is easy to install and dismantle. You also do not need to spend big but at the same time, spend to make the most out of your small exhibition stand.

Hiring the expert exhibition services of a professional exhibition stand design company will be a good move. It will give you access to the skills and stand ideas of expert exhibition stands designers. They can make your small exhibition stand design create a big impact.


Your exhibition stand design is your window to the attendees at exhibitions.

The first thing that visitors to exhibitions notice when they interact with your brand is your exhibition stand design. An impressive and interactive exhibition stand design will make for a great first impression. When the visitors are impressed, they are automatically drawn to engage with your brand.

Even a small exhibition stand can make a good first impression if it contains the right ingredients that appeal to the aspirations and sentiments of the audience.

Here are five of the best ways to help your small exhibition stand design make a big impact.


Your small exhibition stand may be small. But you can make it create a big impact with an exhibition stand design that is simple and clean with a minimal color palette and an eye-catching minimalist design.  

You can make it even better if you 

  • Use attractive, high quality graphics, or large-sized, rich quality images that are visually pleasing to the eye and relevant to your brand and offerings. They can be incorporated into the design; or used as a backdrop, to heighten visual interest in and around your exhibition stand design.
  • Leverage vertical space to the maximum. You can use the wall space for hanging signage or graphics; or use banners or posters as backdrops. They help to give your stand design a cohesive look and at the same time, reinforce your brand message.
  • Use negative spaces to the maximum in a creative way. This will generate visual interest.
  • Ensure that the text, especially the message is clear and easy to understand for the audience. 
  • Avoid at all costs, too many color palettes. They only end-up making the exhibition stand design look too gaudy and cluttered. 
  • Avoid clutter of any kind on the design. Keep it as uncluttered as possible. This will make the design look pleasing to the eye and the matter on it clearly visible even from a distance.  

When working on a small exhibition stand design, you must be creative. Go by your creative instincts and you can surely arrive at an eye-catching design that will generate curiosity among the audience and convince them to reach out to your brand.

Hiring the expert exhibition services of a professional exhibition stand Design Company will ensure that your small exhibition stand design is unique and appealing with a minimalist look and minimal of clutter. Besides, the company’s exhibition stand designers will ensure that your small exhibition stand is designed to make a big impact. 


Just having an eye-catching minimalist stand design is not enough. You also need to create an interactive focal point with a unique product display. It can lure the visitors to your exhibition stand, and provide them a memorable experience. This will additionally present a fantastic opportunity to showcase your new products/services or something innovative,

Make it interactive by adding touch-screens or demonstrations or any kind of interactive elements. They help to get the visitors to your exhibition stand design, engage it, and enjoy a life-changing memorable experience in a fun and interesting way. 

Don’t forget to take into account the comfort of the visitors. Hence, calculate visitor-flow when creating an interactive focal point; and then ensure that the space in and around your exhibition stand is spacious enough for the visitors to navigate it; and your products is within their line of sight. Smooth and harmonious flow of visitors is crucial to creating a successful exhibition stand design and help your small exhibition stand make a big impact.

Get your exhibition stand designers to make your small exhibition stand space spacious enough for the visitors to move around and also stay engaged.


With the world facing massive energy and resource crisis, the need of the hour today is cost efficiency and sustainability.

Incorporate lighting that is eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and impact-making. When they are strategically placed, they can highlight specific areas in and around your exhibition stand design and give it an additional glow. This will draw visitors’ attention instantly. 

There are several modern lighting systems to choose from. Like for instance,

  • Neon-like LED, LightBoxes, and Panel Lighting; they all help to maximize impact at exhibitions. 
  • Spotlights or LED lights; they help to draw the attention of the visitors to your products/displays. Additionally, they also help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Ambient Lighting; they make sure that visitors to your exhibition stand get sufficient general light to feel at ease and comfortable. 
  • Task Lighting; Designed to perform a specific task, they can illuminate the space. Like for instance, giving your booth floor area, an illuminated look.
  • Accent Lighting; they lure the eyes of the visitors to a specific display or area in and around the exhibition stand.
  • Decorative Lighting; they add extra glow to the look and feel of your exhibition stand design thereby heightening its appeal.
  • Up-lighting / Flood Lighting; they help to amplify your exhibition stand design.

Aside from the above, you can also use modular, mobile shelving. They help to accurately illuminate individual product and enriching its look. Additionally, they also help to make even an uninspiring space of your exhibition booth glow and shine.

What makes all of these lighting so beneficial is they contain no toxic elements which make them safe to use; and provide a substantially longer life (LED luminaries offer a lifespan of 50,000 hours) with low UV and heat emissions. Besides, they are all sturdy and durable with the capacity to safeguard the owners from the hassles of untimely maintenance issues.

To create that extra impact, enlist the expert exhibition services of a professional exhibition stand design company. You stand to benefit from bespoke lighting solutions with custom colors usage that will help your exhibition stand design to express individuality.


Visitors’ engagement is critical for your exhibition stand design to be deemed as a success. The more your exhibition stand design is able to engage the visitors, the more it can be said that it is a success. This in turn will help your brand to forge long-lasting relationships with the visitors. 

Modern technology can help your exhibition stand design to make big impressions.

Some good examples include:


It will give your stand experience a unique twist, transforming it into multi-sensory experience that titillates all the five senses. This will leave the visitors feeling seamlessly connected with your brand.  

Keep the whole experience simple by ensuring that the VR content is simple and easy to understand and yet at the same time, powerful enough to entice the visitors.  Make the experience more enriching with cool gadgets or engaging brochures thrown in. 

They will help the visitors to better interact with your brand and get to learn what they have to offer. Eventually, you will be able to make some good connections; and the visitors will leave with a feeling of a memorable experience to be cherished for long.


The best part of touch-screens is that they provide an interactive experience that will make the visitors interaction interesting and memorable. Besides, they can display information about your brand offerings with visual images. When the visitors interact with the touch-screen they will feel as if they are interacting with your product or service and feeling them in-person. This will make the whole experience fascinating and induce the visitors to recall your brand fondly.

Touch-Screens can also be leveraged to gather contact and other vital details from the visitors. This can be used for further follow-up, and later to generate and cultivate leads. 


Video walls can be stunning attention-grabbers if leveraged properly. 

As a large display with multiple monitors, a video wall can be used to introduce your brand; demonstrate your products/services; play promotional videos; or even run live footage of your company’s facilities or employees. If leveraged adroitly, they will help to elevate the visuals to the next level and transport the visitor experience to a higher plane. It is a great way to attract crowds in large numbers and become the show-stopper of the exhibition show.

Aside from the above technologies, big LCD screen or 3D displays can also be used to enrich your exhibition stand design experience and provide a warm feeling to your visitors. 

To make the best use of technology, hiring a professional exhibition stand design company will be a good move. Such a company will have skilled exhibition stand designers who know how to leverage modern technologies as a result of which they will be able to provide tailored exhibition services that will give your exhibition stand design a unique immersive boost.


Branding is a powerful medium. It has a way to cast a favorable, long-term impact on the audience. So, why not leverage it creatively to make your exhibition stand design a standout. This will help it to create a big impact.

A professional exhibition booth designer will be better able to use your company’s logo and colors creatively throughout the stand design.  This will help to give it a cohesive look, and reinforce your brand message and identity, which are vital to creating a successful exhibition stand design. If done accordingly, they will ensure that the visitors’ remember your brand long after they leave your exhibition stand.

You also need to expound your brand messaging effectively. Use custom options and creative panels to showcase your brand vision and message. Similarly, for products, use display options like pop-up exhibits, wall hangings, etc.

Don’t forget to give your branded marketing materials their due. Visually appealing Brochures, Catalogues, Flyers, Business Cards, and other promotional materials all will give your stand a touch of professionalism. 

Big companies have the financial heft and resources to design a stand that is larger than life. But small and medium sized companies do not enjoy that privilege. Instead of attempting the impossible, they can focus on presenting a picturesque exhibition stand design well-aided by proper lighting systems and colors that appeals to the audience and compels them to check out what your brand has to offer. It is an opportunity that can be sued to generate more leads.

Finally, whether you have a small exhibition stand or a big exhibition stand, authenticity remains the key. Exhibition is a serious and big platform; and to make a big impact, your small exhibition stand design needs to promote an environment of realism so that your customers’ can connect better with your brand.


How To Choose The Right Exhibition Stand?

Your budget plays a big role in choosing the right exhibition stand. If you have a modest budget, a pop-up display would be a good choice. Similarly, with a big budget, a custom option would be perfect as it will help to project your brand image. Whatever the choice finally, ensure it is easy to set-up and dismantle; projects a consistent look and brand image; and offers flexibility to replace graphics and adapt to varied booth sizes.

What are the benefits of choosing a custom exhibition stand design?

 It makes your brand more noticeable in the crowd; attract attendees to your booth; & get the visitors to interact with your booth. When infused with eye-catching visuals and technological elements, they create a memorable experience and assist in gaining clients.

How does stand design contributes to the success of an exhibition project? 

To be a success, it needs to be eye-catching and interactive. A distinctive and captivating stand design that clearly projects your brand message will make an instant impact on the audience and influence them to buy what you have to offer.

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