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Exhibition Stand Design That Make The Difference

exhibitions will give your company a good boost in terms of brand awareness and identity as well as in terms of revenue. Exhibiting at a exhibition is a bit risky and requires a large investment from your company. But exhibitions can acquire hundreds of potential connections and can positively leverage your business. You need to have a good understanding of conducting a exhibition before you start organising one. In case you do not possess enough knowledge about the show stand design or any other requirements to organise a successful exhibition then you will be at a loss.

This is the reason why your show stand design is of such importance. Your choice of the show stand design will decide whether it turns out to be a show-stopping booth or one which is not taken much seriously by the audience.

Let’s move on and have a look at some inspirational show stand design ideas that make a huge difference for your upcoming exhibition.

1. Make Your Decor Green

If there are endless booths in an exhibit hall, it can certainly look monotonous. To set yourself apart from the rest you can bring your display booth outdoors.

For this, you can include some green elements into your booth, making it simple, yet attractive. You can add well placed potted plants or any other decorative indoor plants placed at the corners of your booth. You can also make it attractive by placing a living wall: where you will have small plants in series. If you have decided to have your exhibition outdoors then this will be a very good innovative idea. 

2. Use Pictures As A Background

You would have noticed that while the exhibition is conducted, people click snaps everywhere. Why not make better use of those pictures for your advantage?

You can include a photo wall in your show stand design. It can be a great way of featuring your company’s logo, also the attendees will get an opportunity to pose with your product. 

Get more creative and add silhouettes elements with cut-outs where the attendees can place their faces and have fun pictures of themselves. Also, fun props will be a great idea so that the people can pose with them. This kind Adding a fun element to your booth will attract the audiences towards your booth and this interactive element is essential for any successful event or booth display. 

TIP: Make sure you include your banding so you can have your name out there. Encourage all your attendees to take advantage of the photo op. 

Whichever show stand design you choose, make sure it includes your branding so it helps to get your name out there. Encourage your visitors to take advantage of the photo op. This is an easy way to gain social media outreach for your show.

3. Create Innovative Design

Usually, most show stand designs appear to be the same, these kinds of show stand designs are known as basic designs. Like it has four walls of banners or graphics. You can make your show stand design more appealing and innovative for the audience.

You can divide your booth into compartments or designated rooms each dedicated to a particular product or service. It will make your design more professional. Having a varied design will be eye-catching for the attendees and the competitors attending your show.

Product-specific rooms will provide your attendees with a more immersive experience. Also, the added advantage of having multiple rooms will enable you to have more private space where you can have in-depth discussions with prospective customers. Few of the companies will have meeting rooms for striking deals if they get an opportunity to do so. 

4. Make Your Exhibits Interactive

Looking at the same canvas or hearing a long sales pitch can turn out to be quite boring for your attendees. You can break this monotony by attracting the attendees by adding interactive elements to your show stand design.  For example, Let’s believe your company makes automotive parts, you can have an area where attendees are allowed to touch, feel and investigate the parts so that they can know the products better. 

5. Create An Aesthetic Store

Sometimes you can be so creative that your show stand design doesn’t look like a booth at all after it is organised. This is a good way to grasp attendees’ attention.

You can set up your booth like a retail store based on the products and services you offer. If your business deals with retails, then you can make your booth mimic your store. This will give your booth a new look and attendees will get a break from the regular exhibition stand design while furthering your branding.

To start exploring and dreaming up your creative show stand design for your upcoming exhibition, you can get in touch with SOL. Our experienced team in this field will help you out. Contact us today for more details.

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