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How to prepare for a corporate exhibition

A corporate exhibition is an event wherein businesses book a venue for brands to market their products or services to potential customers.

Events in a corporate environment are often performed to communicate business strategy, change internal company behaviour, launch a product or service, or influence the external behaviour of customers towards the brand.

Here is how you prepare for a corporate event.

  • Find the Right Location and Time 

Choosing the date for your exhibition must be a priority as it will decide everything that comes after. You will need to pick a time of year that is likely to attract the largest number of visitors. 

Avoid busy periods such as the summer holidays and festival season so that more people can attend. Also, you need to think about your contractors and when they may be busy. Since suppliers might be booked for other events like weddings, try to avoid peak wedding season.

  • Set Goals and Objectives

The first thing you need to decide is the corporate exhibition’s objective for your event. Whether it is to launch a product or service, marketing your brand or anything else, having a proper objective will help you to run everything smoothly.

The main focus should be the attendees, so their wants and expectations must be kept in mind. Make a list of the things your visitors would expect and ensure to include them in your show.

  • Stay in Contact 

Constantly keep in contact with your team including your exhibition booth fabricator. Before the exhibition, send them reminders; a week ago will do. This ensures that they are still attending. Be accommodating to the trade show exhibitors. Make sure their requirements are provided and queries are answered. 

  • Spend Time on Marketing

If you have an outdoor event spend time and money on marketing and advertising it just as you would do with one held inside a building. Getting not only the attendees but also the exhibitors excited for the corporate exhibition, builds intrigue that pays of on the event day.

Use social media to promote your show. Use channels like content creation and email marketing to build excitement among attendees up until the day of the event. You can also hire a corporate event company to help you promote your event and help you in the event management process. Events with consistent marketing campaigns will always be unique and more attractive.

  • Event Budget

The amount of available budget can impact every aspect of the corporate exhibition, from the choice of venue and entertainment, technology, trade booth display spacing and staffing.

Has this event happened in the past? If so, use the previous budget as an estimate to create the new one. Ensure to hike up some of the prices due to inflation. 

Figures from past budgets are useful in providing a clearer picture of what certain suppliers will charge. Use these to ensure you are not being over-charged when you reach out to exhibition booth suppliers for initial quotes.

Every corporate exhibition budget, however, needs built-in flexibility. Unseen expenses are common and sometimes supplies cost more than the estimate. So the budget must be created accordingly, along with a contingency fund.

Once you have sourced supplier costs, make a comprehensive list of all the budget items in the event lifecycle, including venue hire, food, AV, beverage, accommodation and travel, staffing costs, marketing, and service fees. 

  • Practice your Communication Skills

You can have the best, expensive location with an extremely large audience, but if your communication skill is lacking, then the people you are speaking to won’t be able to learn any new information or take home the message you were trying to give them.

This is why, if you are a speaker at an exhibition, then you need to practice your speech before and, maybe with your friends or family, to get used to communicating your message across.

Ask for feedback and if they understood the exact point you were trying to make, you’re doing well.

  • Know the Exhibition Visitors

As an exhibition supervisor, you need to collect a huge amount of data, to ensure that you understand as much as you can about the exhibition in advance. The number of attendees is obviously an important factor, but do not look at that figure in isolation. You need to ensure that their job titles match your show objectives. 

If you like to produce highly qualified leads, then a show full of non-decision makers will not be of any help to you. Quality over quantity often delivers better results and ultimately better ROI.

When planning for a corporate exhibition, be prepared to face certain challenges such as budget constraints, low attendance, etc.  

However, planning and holding a business event is a big task, and a lot of time and thinking has to go into it. For any enquiry contact us.

Happy exhibiting!

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