International Event Management: A Comprehensive Guide

A complete guide to International event management.

Handling an international event is not easy and hence could turn up to be a challenging task. This guide has been designed to help the newcomer as well as the people who have established a firm base in the business.

International Event Management: A Comprehensive Guide

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Managing any event is always a difficult task especially when you are a client without the guidance of an international event management company. Organizing international events is right in the comfort zone for these companies who have been catering to the needs of many. 

Although the challenge is thrilling, it can also be intimidating, if not terrifying to work alone without a helping hand. Even the most skilled and seasoned management companies can struggle to cope with social, cultural, and legal obstacles that do not exist at home.

The exhibition market in the United Kingdom is worth £43.2 billion, and there are about 1.3 million commercial exhibitions held in the UK alone every year, so this is a serious industry to investigate. 

Look no further for a full guide to international event management in four easy-to-consume pages, covering everything from getting into the market and acquiring industry insight to hiring your own international event management company. 

If you are a company that is going to compete in the international market, then you need to know what challenges lay ahead of you and how to deal with them. Getting started, it is not easy to find your foot in the business.  So we at SOL have put together a brief guide to help lay the groundwork for the right exhibition management company for you. 

Research the Place’s Culture

Since you are stepping out of your country, it can be difficult to know the layout of the place of your exhibition. A good way to be able to start your event is knowing which place is the exhibition situated and studying about it. 

Start researching the culture of the state and the country it is situated in. There are going to be top event management companies who have done events before and through your competitors, there is a lot you can learn about the event’s terrain and how they take place in the country. 

Leaving things to chance would be a bad move since you could end up drawing the shorter straw. So do a thorough research of things and prepare before the event and be ready to face new challenges since it is unfamiliar territory. 

Get Foreign References

Although learning about another community may be interesting and beneficial in negotiations, it may not be sufficient when it comes to the more technical aspects of exhibition management

When it comes to industry jargon, the APEX Industry glossary from the Convention Industry Council is a good resource. This resource is largely concentrated on the North American industry, but it is conducting a thorough analysis and will soon contain notes on how the words are used around the world.

The best way to research industries is knowing through their own words. You can go through references in event management companies’ websites which will provide you with adequate information. Most counties have planning associations and technical bodies, and it is worthwhile to approach these organizations for advice on community best practices and future partners.

Find a Native Partner

As you cannot often relocate or establish an outlet in another country, it is better to establish a business relationship with someone who is into the business exhibition and is a corporate event company

A specialist organization’s local experience will easily make or break a case. The Convention Visitor Bureau (CVB) or Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) of the destination is the best place to meet (DMO). CVBs, as non-profit organizations, are usually willing to deliver a variety of discounted resources to planners as well as promote a wide spectrum of local properties and service providers. 

A DMC is likely to go beyond and above what is expected for a national event. While this can raise prices, the value of their local experience, service level, and resourcefulness should not be overlooked.


Organizers consider budgeting to be the most difficult aspect of organizing and conducting exhibitions. Since this aspect of the approach is ultimately tied to the company’s financial priorities, it’s critical to have a comprehensive, well-thought-out budget plan that can help you keep track of spending, save time, show ROI, and make better business decisions.

Investigate the case expenditure costs to arrive at approximate pricing that is as similar to the real expense as possible. This can be accomplished by reviewing historical pricing details from past events and factoring in inflation, or by contacting vendors and obtaining several quotations to provide a more accurate pricing image.


International event management is not a walk in the park and hence for someone who just laid foot on the terrain, this is a helpful guide. Toshiko, SOL’s top international representative recommends that you take care of the above-mentioned points and it is important to get a hang of this work before establishing firm roots in it.

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