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Out-of-the-Box Ideas That Create the Best Trade Show Booths

Looks matter. Especially in an exhibition where a booth design idea can be the difference between having attendees in your booth or not.  This is why all trade show exhibitors will go above and beyond to create a booth that is an instant attention grabber.

But with the industry saturated with innovative ideas, coming up with a unique design is difficult. This is why here are 8 out-of-the-box booth design ideas that make up for the best trade show booths.

  • Comic Book Wall

Creating some of the best trade show booths is all about thinking out-of-the-box. So, impress the geeks with a comic book wall! Tell your brand message in a comic book style will without a doubt have attendees lining up to your exhibition stall

With the popping colors and comic book spread format, the booth will instantly catch people’s eyes as they’ll want to know what the drawings and text are about. Thus, you have a wall to wall comic book spread wall to tell your brand message. 

  • Brand Mascot

What makes some brand memorable are their brand mascots. So why not have them at your exhibition stand. You can ask one of the staff members to dress up as the brand mascot and stand in front of the booth to engage with the attendees. If the suit restricts their talking, you can always have them handing non-verbally engaging with them. 

  • Turning Products into Artistic Structures

Turning your products into artistic structures is a great way to not only have a jaw-dropping element in the stand but also to promote your products. Think of it when bookstores arrange the books to look like a Christmas tree, or when the brand LEGO uses its toys to create elaborate structures. 

Although this is not possible with certain products, if you can, these certainly become a highlight of your show booth

  • Holograms

What makes some stands the best trade show booths is their ability to adapt to the latest trends and incorporate them in their expo booth design. While these may be a costly investment, they are great attention grabbers. 

You can use these for product demonstrations, presentations, or even entertainment purposes. You can also have them near your information desks to relay small messages to the attendees. 

Moreover, these would look fantastic in the software industry and the gaming industry. 

  • 3D Walls

Plain walls have become a snore. Today, attendees look for expo stands that provide a fully immersive experience. So, many trade show exhibitors use 3D walls to attract attendees. 

From having living walls, interactive walls that you can touch, installing games into the booth wall, to having an artistic textured wall. The idea is to make the booth seem like a different world altogether rather than structures put together.

  • Stylized Roofs

If you have an enclosed exhibition stall with a roof, why have it painted with boring colors when you can’t dazzle them up. If you create the roof high enough, the attendees can see the roof even from a distance. Moreover, the booth design can be extended to the roofs with stylised designs. 

For example, you can have a spread of fairy lights on the roof from a dark background, giving it the effect of the midnight sky. You can also see numerous lanterns covering the expanse of the roots. A ceiling painting can also be done to make the exhibit look like a museum.

  • Architectural Structures

Gone are the days when trade show exhibitors relied on fixed readymade structures to design their booths. Today, several companies choose to customize their booth structure by creating visually stunning architectural structures.

Rather than using the usual fabric and wooden structures, these expo stands to incorporate various styles of architecture to highlight the brand and its message. This paired with unique lighting fixtures can elevate your exhibition stand.

  • Glass Flooring

Why go for the boring carpets and wooden flooring when you can even make your floor unique. And with glass flooring, you can do just that!

You can create a raised flooring with ramps that have terrariums underneath them. If you don’t want it dirty your hands, then light up the floor by creating intricate patterns using fair lights. You can also install a screen to play a calming video on loop. 

We hope these ideas can help you create some of the best trade show booths for the upcoming exhibit event. Capturing the attendees’ attention is one of the toughest things an exhibitor has to do. With barely a few seconds to spare, if your expo booth design isn’t attractive enough, attendees won’t look twice at your booth.

Tip of the Day: Make sure that your booth design idea is relevant to not only your brand but also to your booth’s theme.

If you need assistance in building a creative booth design for an upcoming exhibition, our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details. 

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