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Pre Exhibition Marketing Tips From Stall Design Company ISH Edition

ISH India strives to elevate the bar by bringing together international plumbing, sanitation, bathroom, kitchen, and renewable energy manufacturers and suppliers with regional distributors and customers. In India, there will be an international exhibition for plumbing, sanitation, bathroom and kitchen design, renewable energy, and home automation technologies.

It’s easy to believe that once you’ve secured your exhibition space, all you have to do now is sit back and relax until show day, and the rest will take care of itself. However, a company cannot expect to show up at an exhibition if it has not done any publicity to promote the event. Your marketing effort begins long before your exhibition opens, as any firm that has previously exhibited can attest.

What is the significance of pre-show marketing from a stall design company ISH edition? 

According to exhibition Network, more than 70% of attendees arrive at an exhibition or exhibition with a predetermined list of exhibit booths to visit. You could miss out on a lot of prospective leads if you don’t apply an efficient pre-exhibition marketing approach because attendees won’t realise you’re there. So here we bring you pre-show marketing tips from a stall design company, ISH edition

The job of the exhibition show organiser may be to attract a large number of people to the event, but it is still your responsibility to ensure that the best potential clients visit your booth. You can miss out on some major business possibilities if you merely wait for them to walk by at random.

Ideally, it is advised by a stall design company, ISH,that you should begin marketing for your exhibition four to five months before the event. This is the time to start thinking about how you’ll notify your target audience that you’ll be exhibiting at the event and what the theme of your display will be.

To ensure a successful show, follow these seven pre-exhibition marketing procedures listed by a stall design company ISH

  1. Establish Your Objectives

You must first determine exactly what you want to achieve from your show before you begin your pre-exhibition show promotion.

You can utilise your goals to design your pre-marketing and measure its performance by getting clear on them. Decide on the purpose of your display first, and then proceed from there. Remember that your exhibition aims should align with your company’s overarching ambitions.

If you want to grow your company’s profitability, you should set a sales generation goal. If your company needs to raise brand awareness, a goal that focuses on communication would be more appropriate.

A successful exhibition display is one that focuses on one core goal rather than attempting to achieve numerous goals at once; otherwise, you risk spreading your efforts too thin and failing in each area.

Once you’ve defined your exhibiting goals, make sure they’re measurable so you can track how well they’re working. If your event is all about sales, it will be simple to evaluate it based on how many sales you make. If your goal is brand recognition, however, the number of visitors to your exhibition stand and the volume of literature distributed can be measured.

One more tip concerning your displaying goals: make them realistic. Yes, you want to be challenged, but don’t put yourself in a position to fail by setting goals that are out of your reach. Make sure that anything you want to get out of your exhibition is feasible.

  1. Locate Your Hook

You need to figure out what your integrated sales pitch is before you start promoting your event on social media or sending out an email campaign. This will serve as the “hook” for your pre-show marketing as well as the exhibition itself.

Use your imagination. Throughout the day, professionals are assaulted with identical marketing campaigns. As they pass by exhibition exhibits, guests will hear the same thing over and over: sales presentations about what the firm does and the qualities of their products.

However, keep it simple. A marketing message that strives to convey too many benefits of a company’s products or services is far too common when a company exhibits. As a result, there is an overabundance of information and a lack of focus in the campaign.

Make a brief that focuses on the most important aspects of your exhibit. This will assist you in clarifying the message you wish to convey.

  1. Examine Your Competitors

It’s important to remember that having a strong competition presence at an exhibition event isn’t a bad thing. Your competitors’ pre-marketing activities will likewise draw more potential clients for you.

Request a list of all confirmed exhibitors from the event organisers. Assume the role of a customer and contact your competitors to learn more about their show, as well as the marketing strategies and pictures they employ.

One thing to remember when it comes to your pre-show publicity and the exhibition itself: make sure your marketing messages are focused on your clients and why they should spend time visiting your exhibition booth. You’d be shocked how many exhibitors miss out on a good return on their investment because they overlook this crucial stage.

Best wishes for your future exhibition!

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