Questions to ask Exhibition Organizers before Renting a Stall

Companies and many other brands all over the world have placed booth design at a special place in their marketing tactics. exhibitions extend your business and increase your brand awareness.

However, there are some questions you would like to ask the organizers about the stall fabricator before participation:

  • What type of traffic will I get?

Before attending a exhibition it’s better to know about the type of traffic you are expecting. This is necessary as without proper knowledge about the type of exhibition it will be a mistake to take part. Now consider an example, your brand is about manufacturing automobile spare parts and you, without knowing, took part in a exhibition involving the cars. Then there are fewer chances of visitors getting excited or attracted to your brand this making all your investment go in vain.

  • How Much is the Cost?

Your brand might be really prosperous and developing at the moment but at the end of the day, the cost does matter. Price is an essential element of your decision. Maybe, a exhibition is an investment but there’s no guarantee that you are going to get your money back.

  • How will it help me succeed?

There are many exhibition organizers out there that care only about the success of the exhibition stand builders whereas there are also exhibitions that help brands become more successful and are just not about selling booths. You should learn how to differentiate between these two or else, you might lose yourself a fortune. The exhibitions which are more about the brand’s success offer an event app that has all the data regarding the number of visitors and targets, then there will be courses on event management, lead capture that will help you improve your business results.

  • Am I free to choose my Suppliers?

Well, in case, you are participating in an exhibition stand you will not be bothered to ask this question. However, in the US there is a monopoly situation where there are already chosen vendors to supply products. In such situations, the price might go really high and even more than your budget and impact your original budget.

  • How much older is the Event?

While attending a exhibition as exhibitors, you should question the age of the event. If the event is new then it might risk getting more attendees whereas, if the event is older there may also be chances of less negotiating the prices.

Asking these questions will increase your chances of success and will also help you make up your mind about whether you really want to participate in it or not. 

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