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Small Exhibition Stand Ideas That Make A Big Difference

Not every exhibitor has the luxury of building a very high scale lavish display booth design to help it stand out on the exhibition floor. Many marketers have to manage with the modest little 10-by-10-foot exhibition booths. But simply because your exhibit space is little doesn’t suggest you’ve got to think small and expect an identical , miniature return on investment.

Small display booth design might not be the foremost visible at a  exhibition but a well-designed exhibit with a transparent message, an excellent and efficient booth staff, and a cohesive promotional campaign can get the eye of your target attendees, despite your diminutive footprint.

Here are six tips which will help your small exhibit rise from obscurity albeit you simply have 100 square feet of space and are relegated to the farthest reaches of the show floor.

1. Have An Efficient Booth Staff

Along with having an honest display booth design you ought to also make sure that the staff present at your booth should be efficient and knowledgeable enough to address the concerns and queries of the attendees. Interaction together with your staff is going to be the foremost memorable part for the attendees’ exhibit experience. During a small exhibit, this responsibility falls on only two or three people (one staffer per every 50 square feet, ideally with another to permit for breaks and rotations). Your small staff must work on peak efficiency, so confirm to recruit welcoming, knowledgeable, passionate, friendly and well rehearsed company representatives.

2. Think Outside the Exhibit

Don’t just believe that you cannot do much with your 100-square-foot booth space. Believe what you try to do outside it to maximise exposure to your audience. . 

For Example

Consider sponsoring events in conjunction with the show.

  • Secure a spot on the conference schedule for somebody in your company to present an academic session or participate on a panel.
  • Display your latest products during a new-product showcase.
  • Plan ancillary after-hours events to succeed in your target demographic or channel .
  • Demonstrate your product during a partner’s booth also as your own.
  • Organize  pre show or post-show educational events such as sales meetings for company distributors or user-group meetings.
  • Arrange meetings with your top prospects or clients for breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, hour, and dinner.
  • Make the foremost of all networking opportunities, like social networking, show-sponsored receptions, and association chapter meetings.

Of course, planning additional meetings and events would require you to bring additional staff, but the ROI rewards can far exceed the extra staff travel costs.

3. Know What You’re Getting

When planning the layout of your display booth design, familiarize yourself with the display rules, since they vary by show. The industry standard, consistent with the “Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations” established by the International Association for Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), states that the utmost height for linear (in-line) exhibits is 8 feet. But rules about how you manage the space within a linear exhibit vary counting on the show.

For example, some exhibition allow you to use the whole cubic content of your 10-by-10-foot space; while others only allow you to create the front half of your booth space up to a 4-foot height to take care of line-of-sight to neighboring exhibits. And if you have got the chance to pick a fringe booth space, your back wall could also be as tall as 12 feet under IAEE guidelines. Corner booth spaces offer twice the aisle frontage, assuming show management allows you to get rid of the side pipe and drape.

4. Make the foremost of Your exhibition Booth Space

Your exhibit-design goal should be to create a beautiful, uncluttered display booth design according to your corporate-marketing campaign. Regardless of what exhibit property you employ, plan something original and crowd pleasing. Use color, light, and movement to draw in attendees to your exhibit. Even paying to possess one spotlight rigged to illuminate your space does wonders in terms of creating your exhibit stand out amid aisles of other 10-by-10s.

Identify the products or services that create an interest in your audience. If you’re displaying new products, confirm they’re the main target of your exhibit, since the bulk of show attendees come to ascertain what’s new. Effective use of product samples, miniaturized models, video, or maybe 3-D holographic images can greatly enhance the interest in your products and do not forget that exhibition attendees who will be interested in having an experience with your product or service in your exhibit and not just walk past it. 

Small 10-by-10- and 10-by-20-foot exhibits are often uninspired, unoriginal, and comparatively unsuccessful compared to greater exhibition booths. Simply follow the aforementioned advice, and you will be on your way making your next small booth an enormous success.

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