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Why are exhibition stalls the ideal solution to generate quality leads?

One of the best networking modes for attendees is exhibitions. They will get a chance to learn about the new products, services and innovations offered by various companies in a particular industry. For exhibitors, exhibitions are an important means to generate new sales leads. 

Stall designers spend an enormous amount of energy on creating an impressive design of the pop up display. Stall designers come up with creative ideas such as including giveaway items, promotions, and marketing. These ideas created by the stall designers will prove to be highly important for enhancing the exhibition experience. You need to divert more and more audience to your exhibition booth so that you can generate quality leads for your sales.  

What Do Attendees Look For?

Always have an eye on what attendees are looking for when they visit your exhibition booth. This way you will be able to understand what exhibition attendees really want or expect from your booth staff. 

The face of your company is your exhibitor team. When attendees form any opinion about your booth staff, the same will reflect to your company as well. You need to ensure that you get the best booth staff possible who are capable of being the face of your company.  

Your Booth Should Be Staffed By Whom? 

Usually exhibitors spend very less energy on a particular question of who will be responsible for staffing their exhibition booth. Few organizations recruit the ones who have got ample time to spend on their booth, others bring in the top sales personnel. There should be at least two sales representatives addressing your booth. If one of them turns out to be busy with any lead then the other sales representative should be available to greet the attendees and address their queries and concerns.

Also you need to have a mix of employees, like a technical specialist to answer the questions raised by the attendees with regard to technology, and a sales and marketing person who will deal with closure of sales.

Your booth staff’s personality and their knowledge about the products and services offered by the company plays an important role in creating a good impression on the attendees more than their job titles. The staff members should be knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. These qualities of your booth staffers will lead to higher lead generation. These are the ones who actually connect with the attendees and make your company look good.

What Information Do Attendees Want?

You should have a fair idea as to what information should be shared with the attendees and be ready with it. This is quite simple, it will almost be the same kind of information which you will look for while making any buying decision.

Your prospective customers will surely want to know how the products and services offered by your company makes their life easier. Even though you give good discounts, and conduct a good marketing campaign or have a great press, but still if you are unable to provide a satisfactory explanation to the attendee with regard to the products or services, then there are changes that you miss out a prospective lead. 

Lead Conversion

Once you are able to grab your attendee’s attention, you will have to convince your attendee to buy your product or service, for this you will have approx 30 seconds of time. For this you need to be effective and should have your pitch rehearsals done well in advance.

During those important 30 seconds available, you can rehearse for:

  • Company details, basically you should tell them Who you are? 
  • Your target audience – Market’s genuine need for your products and services offered.
  • What is that which differentiates you from other competitors – Mention your unique selling points.
  • Your call to action – What they get to learn. 

Create an On-Site Call to Action

The goal of selling materials is driving your audience to finish a specific action and therefore the same is true together with your fair booth. This means that your goal is creating a call to action (CTA) that attendees complete during the event.

A lot of exhibitors believe in sign-up pages, like a free trial or similar opportunity. Assuming you follow abreast of these leads (which the overwhelming majority of companies do not), sign-up sheets still don’t generate on-site sales. Remember, your goal is generating motivated leads during the fair itself.

One popular tech option is the QR code (that funky white box with its black Universal Product Code filled with lines, dots, and squares), particularly if you’re looking to book consultations with attendees during the event. Include the QR code on your signage and in your marketing materials, and make it a part of your CTA. Attendees looking to book a personal consultation simply scan the code and schedule their appointment.


Your exhibition booth created by stall designers, offers you an opportunity to connect with new clients and generate strong, motivated sales leads. The most important part is you need to understand the requirements of your attendees and what they are looking for? Have efficient staff at your booth to handle the attendees concerns.

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