Stall Design Ideas That Will Make Your Exhibition Booth Stand Out!

Exhibitions have proved to be very beneficial for many of the companies. exhibitions allow you to demonstrate new products in person to your target audience. This will help in high quality lead generation and acquiring new customers. Exhibiting exhibitions will give you an opportunity to analyze yourself in terms of competition. You get a chance to notice the way other companies work. Like how they are indulging with their customers?, How they portray their product and services and so on. exhibition is the best place for you to compare your way of working with that of your competitors. 

Exhibiting at a exhibition will also give you a chance to evaluate your competition. What have they been working on? Is there anything you can learn from them? There are a lot of benefits to keeping an eye on the competition and there’s no better place to do it than at a exhibition. You along with your team can build a network with the major players in your industry during the exhibition. Attending different exhibitions will enable you to get an idea about exhibition display design used by other companies. 

Let us have a look at different exhibition ideas which will help your Exhibition booth stand out. 


  • Pop-Up Tent Can Be A Great Idea

Pop-up tent with its classic exhibition display design which works really well. Companies will be able to attract more foot traffic, also it is easy to set up especially when you need to set up the exhibition in some other location and you need to travel.  

Example: Vodafone uses pop-up tents as their exhibition display design to encourage visitors to attend a exhibition.

  • Create A Healthy And Relaxing Environment

While making major decisions about your exhibition you should keep in mind the atmosphere. The exhibition display design should be very comforting to the attendees, the place selected should not be too hot nor too cold or exhausting. 

Example: exhibition display design of Dyson company is such that it gives a feel of comfortness to the attendees. It also gives an insight of its products, it can be said that their exhibition idea is a perfect mix of marketing and sales. 

  • Let Attendees Test Your Products

You should allow your attendees to have a view of your products and they should also be allowed to test it. Usually people attend exhibitions to have an insight about your products and your company’s offerings. 

  • Right Branding

You need to get your event branding in the right way while planning your exhibition strategy.  

For Example: Applegate is an organic meat company which preserves its brand when they attend any exhibition. Their entire booth reflects their company’s brand like their exhibition display design showcases the wood panelling and a statue of a cow, their booth gives a feel of their brand to the attendees. 

  • Make Your exhibition Eye-Catching

Your exhibition display design should be such that it should attract an attendee’s concentration. Use of bright colors and brilliant lighting will help you enhance the look of your exhibition exhibition booth. You need to implement eye- catching elements to your booth design also you can exhibit stunning visuals. 

  • Offer New Learnings

People generally attend exhibitions so they can have a view of the products offered by the other market leaders in their industry. People are desperate to learn about new products, developments and the discoveries which the company makes. You can transform this experience of theirs’ into an engaging educational experience on their visit to your exhibition booth. 

Example: Ge builds their exhibition display design in such a way that it enrolls the attendees in an interactive and informative way, their display of their products is such that it teaches what they offer along with the values associated with their brand. 

  • Place Big Stuff

If your company has a high budget for your exhibition then you can take a step forward while creating your exhibition strategy, like you can make use of giant pictures, use of huge stuffed animals or Tv screens. Having huge things will gain the attraction of the viewers, you need to be creative while adding a fun element to it. 

Example: Google had displayed the giant gumball machine at their exhibition in the year 2018.

  • Have A Motto For Your exhibition

You need to create a catchy line or a motto so that your attendees can remember your brand long after the event has ended. 

Example: IBM had used the “Outthink Limits” motto to attract its attendees. 

  • Rent More Space

If you are using a bigger area for your exhibition, there is a chance that you stand out from the crowd. You will be able to add more interactive features to your exhibition booth and you can increase the number of invitees. 

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