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Indian Exhibitions in recent years have become the new business hotspots. It has become a focal point for brands to come together under one roof, come face-to-face with new customers’, and fuel audience engagement. Additionally, it offers a platform for the brands to engage the customers’ through a brand experience, and generate the right brand impact.

In 2023, exhibition will also witness digital technologies and tools playing a more prominent role; and become an avenue for studying competitor behavior and market trends.

With the appropriate exhibition stall design and fabrication, your brand can generate the right brand impact and make people aware of it.


Here are some major stall design trends to watch out for in 2023.

1. Exhibition Design

An exhibition design must depict your brand in a way that will create a lasting impression on visitors.

With greater focus on the exhibition design and fabrication, the year 2023 will witness exhibition designers

Research the market trends thoroughly to gain insights into the prevalent exhibition designs in the world as well as the exhibition designs adopted by the competitors’. Additionally, they will also study what makes them so effective and what elements are used to enhance the design’s look and feel.
Select a credible and well-established exhibition stand supplier with a reputation for creating beautiful exhibition designs that stands out among the crowd and attracts traffic.
Make sure that the selected stand is of the appropriate size and clearly visible to the audience; and loud enough to be noticed with striking visuals and an enticing message that make people stand-up and notice it.

Overall, the identity created by the exhibition design in 2023 will express the core values of the brand in a way that will make visitors interested about the brand’s business.

2. Event Marketing of Exhibition Stall

For any exhibition stall to make an impact and succeed, promotion is critical.

2023 will see a more impactful event marketing of exhibition stalls.

To promote the stall at the exhibition and market the event effectively, the focus will be on the target-audience and their age, gender, and preferred medium of channel. Once the date has been successfully obtained, the next data insights will come to be used with precision to craft event marketing promotional schemes.

Aside from promoting the events to using it as part of the overall marketing strategy, event marketing promotional schemes will also look to forge one-on-one connections with the audience, on mediums like bulk messaging; and ads in social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To make them effective enough to be noticed, they should be followed-up with a friendly, personalized email marketing a few days before the exhibition. This will not only help to highlight the event marketing promotional schemes effectively but will also help to forge direct connection with the audience in a way that will compel them to visit your exhibition stall at the event. Most importantly, they will generate a buzz around your stall design and theme weeks before the exhibition starts.

3. Experiental Marketing of Exhibition Stall

The exhibition stall design lays the foundation of a good brand experience. It decisively affects the nature of outcome of the overall appearance of the brand during the exhibition which in turn will determine the effect of the brand experience.

A brand experience should not just be good but should also be fun and entertaining.
2023 will see incorporation of experiential marketing concept of which the stall and the experience will be a part, at the exhibition. This will help to make a much larger impact.

The focus of the experiential marketing concept must be on aspects that will facilitate audience engagement, and drive the right prospects to the stall during the exhibition. Like providing them with in-depth information about your products/services; making them experience and/or testing a new product/service; and presenting your brand in an attractive and interactive manner.

Immersive Technology will also play a great role in 2023, in driving the latest stall design trends. Technologies such AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), 3D stimulations,  and more such  shall  be extensively utilised to fuel holistic encounters where client’s will be able to perceive a scenario where they can engage themselves in a gaming exhibition stall. Additionally, they all will help to enhance the quality of stall design.


Digital technologies and tools will dictate the latest stall design trends for Indian Exhibitions in 2023.

To stand out in the exhibition and create the right brand impact, brands will need to be distinct from the crowd. By collaborating with credible exhibition stall design service providers, brands will be able to not only get the best of innovative exhibition stall design trends incorporated into their stall designs, but also will be able to drive better audience engagement with a clear message to the target-audience.

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