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Every year brings with it new trends. As the new season of exhibitions and trade shows makes its way through the year, companies will be looking to incorporate newer trends in stand design. Similarly, a booth builder will be looking to adopt newer booth building trends when building a booth.

How best the latest trends can be leveraged in a stand design or booth is best served by hiring the best exhibition company with the capability to harness them to make your stand design a standout.  Additionally, you also stand to benefit from the expertise of a professional booth builder to incorporate the latest trends when building your booth.

Trends In Exhibition Stand Design

With passage of time, everything changes. So too changes happen in exhibition stand design.

The latest trends in exhibition stand design will make it more powerful, reconnecting it better with the audience, and raising  better brand awareness.

1. State-of-The-Art Designs

Designs, booth or stand, are getting more sophisticated with each passing day.

Hot trends in design that are making waves include:

  • Dimensional Design. This includes 3D visuals and spaces designed around particular themes or ideas that are meant to be.
  • Wow Exhibition Design with cutting-edge lighting and cutting-edge music systems for sound. The ultimate aim of your exhibition booth is to attract the audience. A stand design that is customer-focused will attract and appeal to the senses of the audience.
  • Customized Design inclusive of enhanced elements. They leave a memorable experience; and also pay rich dividends in the future in the form of better sales, healthier profits, and enhanced brand building.

Bespoke stand design will increase in popularity. More stand designers will come to use this trend for their own exhibition stands in the future.

2. Technology for enhanced digital experience

Technology is effecting changes in almost all parts of life. 2023 and beyond will see more use of technology at exhibitions.

The year 2022 saw stall designers using smart tablets at the counter to interact and engage the visitors’. This will become a new normal in 2023.

Other technology related trends include:

  • Video Wall, Touch-Screens, and Projections, all when used in artistic ways will make a huge impression on the visitors’ mind.
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality will elevate visitor experience to a whole new level. They will give a virtual tour of a specified environment in exhilarating ways. This will enable the visitors to better learn about company’s products/services.
  • Mixed Reality. This involves pointing of your mobile phone at a product on the exhibition stand, for an immersive digital experience.

Aside from the above, technology is also being incorporated into exhibition stands. Like for instance, the use of facial recognition hardware, 3D printing, robots, and interactive apps. If used creatively, they will help the exhibitors to engage their audience better and become the talk of the exhibition show.

Social Media Sites are another latest trend that is also making waves. They are easy to set-up; and reasonable to run. When used in a creative way, they tend to produce an immediate impact on an exhibitor’s business.

Many businesses’ are already using them to let their followers, that is customers’, to know what kind of exhibition shows are coming up; and in which all they will be taking part in. They even specify the exhibition hall and exhibition stand number. This will help to create a buzz around the stand design and generate a hype that will boost the brand appeal.

3. Eye-catching colors that grab attention

Colors always play a key role in elevating the look and appeal of a stand design. Earlier trends revolved mostly around the colors of white and blue.

The latest trend is bright tones with a variety of finishes from natural to concrete, stone, wood, or even grass. They inject an element of fun or a sophisticated look and feel to the stand design.

Another trend is the use of digital fabric print. They facilitate the production of large-scale graphics with vivid colors laced with a seamless finish. When LED light is added behind the fabric, it will give the stand design a wow factor that will leave visitors’ in a trance.

4. Use of LED Lighting

LED lighting and tiles cast an amazing impact on visitors’ mind.

The latest trend in lighting involves subtle lighting effects on the stand design. This helps to draw the attention of the visitors’ to the stand design.

Aside from this, another trend making waves is the use of light boxes. They help to dramatically reduce the cost of lighting without in any way compromising on the quality of lighting. Then, there are LED tiles and down lighting that allow the stands to have big video walls at a mere fraction of the original cost.

Illuminated stand design, booth, and walls are also catching up and expected to create waves in 2023.

5. Use of more non-traditional materials

With the audiences becoming more environmentally conscious than ever, the use of more non-traditional materials has become a hot trend with booth builders.

Many a booth builder is now shying away from the use of traditional materials like metal and wood. Instead, a booth builder is more likely to use materials like cupboard and plastic. They can be customized easily and quickly sans any major construction or engineering works required. In addition, they also incur low costs.

Stand furniture is another latest trend. Designer pieces are a hot favorite as they offer a refreshing touch to the stand design.

In today’s age of rapid technology growth, trends keep on evolving with each passing day. To get the best out of them, exhibitors need to get the balance right and hire the best exhibition company around. This will ensure the use of only those trends that will help them to get the best out of the exhibition stand design at the exhibition event.

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