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In a digital-driven world, interactivity matters a lot when it comes to displaying exhibition stand designs. 

The use of digital exhibit technology the right way plays a critical role here. Among digital exhibit technology, both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality provide immense opportunities for your exhibition stand design to interact with the visitors’. You can create a three-dimensional experience of the stand design using Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality capable devices.

Similarly, interactive displays as well as digital signage enhance the visitor experience and facilitate better engagement.

Using Technology To Stand Out Your Stand Design

Here are some tips that show you how exhibit technology can be used to make your exhibition stand design stand out in the crowd.

1. Interactive Displays

Exhibition stand design is all about facilitating interaction with the audience.

Making the most of technology will help to facilitate robust interaction with the audience. There are fewer better ways to ensure that than with interactive displays.

There are several forms of interactive displays.

Like, Interactive displays leveraging AR (Augmented Reality) technology come with monitor brackets already built in and incorporated into the design. Then there are other forms of interactive displays that facilitate interactive communication with the visitors’ through different channels like the internet, social media, video, lead capture, and more. These channels are easily accessible with ethnology like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, TV screens, and so on.

Touch screen technology is another great form of interactive displays to interact with customers’. It can display your website for customers to browse through it.

Other forms of interactive displays include usage of iPad or Tablet to drive an online survey or quiz; or playing of YouTube product demonstration videos to customers’ showcasing your products.

2. Virtual Reality

Today’s audiences want much more than mere display of products/services at trade show/exhibitions. They want to experience them and feel how they work and what it can offer them. This evokes genuine emotions in them.

Virtual Reality offers visitors a multi-sensory experience that transports the visitors to a whole new world; and all sorts of settings thereby giving them different kinds of experiences. They will not only be able to feel the products/services but will also be able to experience what benefits it can offer them. Additionally, they can initiate conversations about them and get to learn more about the products/services.

By incorporating Virtual Reality demo into your exhibition stand design, you will be able to naturally encourage the visitors to interact with your brand; AND experience a whole new level of enjoyable interaction.  

3. Augmented Reality

Like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality possesses tremendous potential to enhance the quality of your exhibition stand design.

Augmented Reality involves computer-generated graphics that overlay the real-life world. By merging the virtual graphics of the virtual world with the real world, you will be able to make your exhibition stand content engaging; and also send across the right message to your target-audience.

By leveraging Augmented Reality technology the right way, you will also be able to showcase your products/services better; and make the whole process enjoyable to the audience and keep them highly engrossed.

4. Digital Signage

Digital Signage is another great technology. It can generate 400 percent more views than static signage. Besides, in today’s digital world, it plays a huge role in assisting the customers’ in their decision-making process.

The better the quality of content and visuals displayed on the digital signage, the better they will help inform, engage, and eventually get customers’ to take a decision.

With Digital Signage, you can

  • Display dynamic content including videos, and also run your advertisements 24/7.
  • Replace digital content quickly and easily. This will help to save on print costs.
  • Target specific customer-segments by displaying relevant advertisements at specific times in a day.
  • Generate income from third-party advertisements.

However, it all depends on the type of digital signage you use and the kind of content and visuals you display on the digital signage.

Exhibit technology can be a great marketing tool. It is how you use it will eventually determine how much you can maximize its effectiveness and benefits.

Aside from this, exhibit staffers also need to be properly trained to monitor engagements. A well-trained staff will help you to maximize the most out of the exhibit technology and ensure it is delivering the results effectively.

Additionally, it is also important to keep the exhibit technology simple, in terms of the images/visuals included in it and messages delivered. By keeping them simple and brief, the visitors’ will be easily able to navigate it; while staying engrossed. ELSE, they will quickly lose interest.

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