The Magic of Incorporating LED Lightings into Trade Show Booths

The Magic of incorporating LED lightings into Exhibition Stalls

The entire stall design has been mapped out perfectly.

The eye-catching graphics, punchy colors, themes, and beautiful content are all ready to encompass your exhibition booth and make it the huge success you envision it’ll be.

But, have you given enough thought to the part where you illuminate your booth?

Without proper lighting, there’s no point of having great content and display, because how else can you capture an attendee’s attention from several feet away? 

The power of exhibit lighting

When it comes to Exhibition stand, one of the most powerful tools is undoubtedly your exhibit lighting. This particular tool possesses the power to set the entire tone for your exhibit environment. Through proper lighting, you can also influence the overall story that you want to communicate through your booth, and it’ll also help to direct your attendee’s gaze right towards the elements you don’t want them to miss. 

Types – There are usually 2 types of LED lightings that are used for Booth design:


  • LED Fixtures – LED fixtures are the go-to options for show-stopping exhibits that look to create a bold statement that will stay in the attendee’s minds forever. LED fixtures usually include light towers that provide 360-degree lighting, offering maximum visual impact with very little footprint. These striking displays can be used to showcase your exhibit and products, to indicate entrance and exit points, or just as light pillars. 
  • LED Backlit Displays – Backlit displays are a great option for Stand design as well. They create dramatic backdrops and are perfect for prominently featuring your corporate image for the attendees to see. In these, the displays are stretched over aluminum framing, where the graphics are printed on opaque tension fabric. Then, they are brought to life with the help of LED lights which are mounted magnetically on the metal framework
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