Top social media tips for your tradeshow

Social media tips for your next Trade show

Trade shows are great marketing tools themselves. But a successful social media campaign before, during, and after the trade show can boost its effectiveness even further. It can also boost the overall visibility of your brand online.

Here are some of the top tips you need to follow for a successful campaign:

Before the trade show

Much needs to be done way before the scheduled date of your trade show. The first thing that you need to do is to set up a specific goal and carry out extensive research on that. Social media hashtag is a great way to engage your audience and your social media team must work hard to make it trending before the show kicks off. You can also partner with the stall fabricator organizers and feature on their social media pages to get some free exposure. You also need to post regular updates on all of your social media channels to keep the audience informed. If the show is about a product, then sweepstakes and contests are great ways to engage the audience.

During the trade show

It’s all about the visibility of the brand during the trade show. Set up a social media booth design where visitors can click and share pictures with your logo/product. Arrange and stream events live on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram directly from your stall. Capture photos and videos of the visitors interacting with your products and share them on social media. Encourage visitors to post their reviews online. But be careful not to spam your own social media profiles with these content. Keep it clean and engaging.

After the trade show

Your social media campaign can still benefit from your trade show even when it is already concluded. An informative blog about the whole event and testimonials can reach the audiences who missed the show through social media. You can also share photos that you haven’t published before or repost some of the most popular posts. Also, do not forget to carefully analyze the success of your campaign to ensure an even better result in the subsequent show.

Trade shows can be expensive and that’ why maximizing their potential is of utmost priority. So, before your next trade show, do remember to keep these tips in your mind.

And if you have something else to add, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.

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