Ways to increase Attendee Engagement with Touchable Tech

Ways to increase Attendee Engagement with Touchable Tech

Growing up, we all wanted to touch and feel everything that we can get our hands onto. This is because we wanted to feel and touch things, know how it exactly feels. This is because the ability to touch and feel something increases our interest and helps us understand things in a much better way.

Technologies that are all about touching appeals and that’s why works so fine with human nature. Using this simple, fun yet effective technology to your booth can boost up the number of visitors at your trade show and increase the brand value as well. Studies and reports suggest that brands which use all the newest technologies are most likely to gain the attraction of the visitors. So there is no point about why you should not use touchable technologies at a trade show.

Here is a quick look at how to increase the attendee engagement using such technology:

  • Mosaic Walls

Mosaic is a picture or pattern that is created by arranging together small pieces of materials. An attendee takes a picture, attaches your event’s hashtag, and posts the picture to social media. Photos tagged with the event’s hashtag are printed onsite and placed in a specific location on the wall by the user. These tagged images create a larger image.  Using such a great and innovative design is not just good for your brand but it increases the social media presence of your brand and takes the engagement to a whole new level.

  • Twitter Walls

It’s an innovative and unique way to include attendees at any of your events. In this method, social media posts are collected based on the event’s hashtags and are displayed publicly. The Twitter wall is more of a fireplace, people gather around them and it easily creates a sense of community. It’s mostly employed in high traffic areas so that more and more people can become part of it.

  • Wayfinders

Event Venues are very hard to understand as the shoes and sizes can sometimes become confusing to the visitors. So, implementing way finders at a exhibition stall designer can prove to be very helpful when it comes to navigating the brands or the desired place you can go into.

Touchable technology is a great way of increasing interaction and engages more and more people at a trade show. This makes the whole work easier and fun and also very simple. So, while attending the other stall design, you must consider for your next event.

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