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Innovative Ideas To Create The Best Booth Design

From the daily product to the ground-breaking, technologically advanced gadget, it’s always the imagination behind how it’s presented that sells, not the product itself.

If you’re concerned that your exhibition booth design and displays will become outdated in the future, here are a few fresh and creative cool exhibition booths design ideas to help you future-proof your investment.

  • Product Displays in Recess

For existing exhibit structures, a recessed exhibition product display is a perfect solution. By putting boundaries around the piece, more attention is drawn to the inset display, making it stand out from afar. It’s similar to the significance of a frame around a photograph. There are a few things you can do to make recessed displays even more appealing.

  • Ensure Proper Lighting

 When it comes to lighting, the housing should receive more attention. The housing is the architecture that will keep and surround the lights, which should be covered in the majority of cases. LED strip lighting is a popular choice that allows for full-colour spectrum changes. Ascertain that the housing is well-supported and appealing to the eye.

  • Using Contrast to Make a Statement

Consider the contrast as the appearance of your product against a background. You can enhance contrast in a variety of ways.

  1. Contrast the product with a different context. Strong solid color is better if the display wall in question has a lot of exhibition graphics. A plain wall, on the other hand, would provide more opportunities to use image-heavy boxes.
  2. Use lighting to generate contrast and highlight colors within the product once more. Is the product environmentally friendly? A dark wall, a white box, and green lighting are all good choices.
  3. Mirrored and textured boxes intensify the product, however they can distract from the recessed display’s and the product’s exclusivity in certain instances.
  • Small Product Strategies

 Small products give you the freedom to try out various recessed show design concepts, such as changing backdrops based on the day’s promo/availability and creating a rhythmic effect by displaying several variations of the same product from different angles.

  • Gusto for Large Products

 Do you have a large product? Go all out with items that appear to be buried in the floor. Heck, if your booth was big enough, say 20×20 feet or more, you might devote an entire portion of your cool exhibition booths to a full glass demo room by cutting a closet!

  • Product Demonstrations

With product-oriented displays accounting for the vast majority of exhibition booth designs, eye-catching presentations can mean the difference between a passing glance and a sale. Here are several custom exhibition booth concept ideas that you can use in your product demonstrations:

  • Adding Motion

 People are drawn to things that are active. Your exhibition stall might try to integrate motion into your product. This could be as basic as a revolving turntable show or as complex as a complete demo staffed by booth personnel, none of which will go out of style anytime soon.

  • Make it a game by including the audience

Plan an activity that will enable the audience to get hands-on experience with the product. Every time, Lego has it right. Almost every video game booth we’ve built has had consoles or virtual reality stages set up and ready to compete. Take it a step further by projecting the demo on a high screen for even further visibility.

  • Repurpose and recycle

 You will come up with new ways to position your product at exhibitions by repurposing and recycling. We’ve had a lot of success repurposing a mobile marketing vehicle into a booth where interested parties can walk inside and look at the items from the inside. The multipurpose definition allows for lower costs when combined with an experiential mobile campaign, but if not implemented correctly, the savvy attendee can perceive them as “lazy.” These will never be obsolete as long as we continue to drive.

  • Decorations for Table scaping

Material table scaping is a more cost-effective method. Table scaping entails telling a story about your product using a variety of small objects strategically positioned on top of a table. Despite the fact that table scaping does not scream “future-proof,” it is a strategy that has been used for a long time and will most likely continue to be used in the future. Here are a few best practices to consider.

  • Fit the Style

 Make sure the show matches the environment in which your product is displayed! Nothing is more unattractive than a table scape that seems to have been thrown together as a result of a missed display or bad exhibition preparation. This includes things like table material (don’t use a pop-up with a drape! ), usability, and place.

Final Thoughts

It might not seem to be worth the time, money, and effort to future-proof these out-of-the-box cool exhibition booth display ideas at first, consider your commodity next to one that is nearly identical in the booth next door. We’ve spoken with far too many exhibitors who regret not taking the extra step after seeing how the show went. As a proven and well-known name in this industry, SOL will assist you in building your future proof cool exhibition booth. 

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