Five Trends Of 2022 That Will Revolutionize Exhibition Stands Marketing

If you’re a company owner or marketer who wants to maximize your return on investment, you need to attend industry exhibitions. There are a number of other reasons why exhibitions are a successful marketing technique. It’s because exhibiting a unique exhibition display design is a perfect way to reach an audience, and as technology advances, the exhibition environment evolves year after year. Marketers now have more options for engaging their customers. Marketers should be aware of certain new trends that are revolutionizing exhibitions.

  • Plan with the customer in mind

First experiences are crucial, starting with the aforementioned fundamentals. You want your exhibition display design or show to make an immediate impression on visitors. But nowadays, it’s not only about getting a flashy design; you also want it to cater to the emotions and creativity of the potential customer.

All about the booth should be simple to understand. Every component should work together to achieve a common goal: demonstrating to the potential customer how your product or service can help their business.

In 2021, unique signs, new materials, and textures are used to produce an aesthetically appealing booth style, in addition to bright colors that attract attention. Materials like metal and wood can also be used to integrate 3D mapping technology and texturized graphic displays. In the end, the trend is toward a more “human-centric” booth experience.

  • Multisensory encounters

In line with the first theme, business owners and advertisers are realizing that they aren’t limited to using only sight and sound to engage visitors. There are a total of five senses, and it’s past time for exhibition display design advertisers to cater to all of them. The aim is to make people aware of your brand.

As a result, it’s a good idea for exhibition marketers to resist boring presentations in favor of creative lighting, touch-panel interfaces, gamification, and interactive displays, among other things. And don’t forget about the power of scent marketing. Since the human nose has hundreds more receptors than the eyes and ears, ignoring the power of scent is like ignoring a critical weapon. To this end, consider embedding and dispensing appealing scents to draw visitors’ attention to your booth.

  • Place a premium on convenience

For far too long, advertisers have been so dependent on wowing exhibition attendees that they’ve forgotten about the one thing that appeals to everyone, regardless of demographic: comfort. Consider that attending a exhibition all day can be boring, and most people want a break from all the walking.

exhibition display design exhibitors that use lounge areas have more success attracting visitors to their booth and keeping them there for longer periods of time. This is an excellent opportunity for the floor workers to make their sales pitch to the guests.

  • Virtual Reality

There are few buzzwords in technology right now that are more common than “virtual reality.” Surprisingly, it’s also creating a lot of interest in the exhibition environment. This is due to the ability to entice people in and completely engage their senses with a presentation.

Virtual reality is a big deal in 2021, thanks to the fact that this multi-sensory marvel is more available than ever before. It’s no longer a specialized piece of technology that’s just shown off at CES; now everyone can use it. This allows tourists to engage with your brand in ways that go beyond a friendly chat with a sales rep at a exhibition.

  • Keep your focus on lighting

You can now use a targeted concentration of light to transform an entire room. Light and shadow are a science, and marketers who grasp it would have the best chance of successfully selling their product.

Using unique lighting elements to guide visitors to particular displays or items can also be a powerful tool. Dimming lights, for example, is not a novel technique. Samsung, on the other hand, wowed attendees at CES 2018 with an all-black colour scheme enhanced by downlights and several displays. Then there’s 3D projection mapping, which uses light and projectors to transform a space.

Do you want to create a 3D video picture on one of your booth’s walls? That’s it. Do you want to project a custom image on a prop, a statue, or another object? That’s fine. The possibilities are limitless, get in touch with us at SOL. 

Final Thought

Many of the above developments foreshadow exciting advancements and shifts in the exhibition industry. But don’t lose sight of the basics, the plain rules that underpin our success as exhibitors. Check to see if your salespeople are successfully communicating your message. Have a follow-up strategy in place so that as soon as a potential customer leaves your exhibition booth, you’re already cultivating that lead with post-show follow-ups.


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