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Like all events, a trade show is also a wonderful opportunity for your company to project its brand, and products/services, in front a wider audience that will include prospective customers’.

But all of that will count for nothing if your booth design fails to make an impact on the trade show audience within a matter of seconds. Whatever impression is created within those few seconds will decide whether they will stop by and visit your booth or not.

If they do not, then it can dent your brand’s credibility in the exhibit industry as well. With many other booth designs in the event also vying for the attention of the trade show audience, the failure of your booth design will get highlighted more.

The success of your booth design depends upon several factors. Like for instance, proper booth design selection, hiring of the right event design professional, etc.


Booth design selection is no easy task. You need to ensure every element of the booth design is appropriate to make sure it stands out in the crowd. This will guarantee its strong impact on the trade show audience.

The following ways can assist you in this regard.


The first step to the right booth design must be through the right booth design selection.

The booth design selection process must factor in the following.

  • Attend trade shows and view the booths. Check out the different booth designs, and make note of what makes them a standout and impactful. It could be anything from large hanging signs to interactive components and VR/AR elements; bold, standout graphics; arresting product demos; and more.
  • Know what specific design elements you want to be included in your booth design. Ensure whatever design elements you have selected reflects your brand’s theme and portrays your brand the right way.
  • Opt for a simple, minimalist and artistic design that is clutter-free and impactful. They are pleasing to the eye, interesting to look at, and add tons of value to the overall booth presentation. Additionally, they are also affordable and can assist you in making the most of your participation. They also help to communicate your brand message more effectively to the trade show audience; and above all, have greater brand recall value.


Just selecting the appropriate booth design layout, theme, and elements, is not enough. You also need to hire the right event design expert to translate the vision of your booth design into reality.

Hiring the right event design expert will help you to

  • Assess your brand guidelines better.
  • Narrow down the right sample booth design that will portray your brand. 

This will eventually ensure that your brand will stand out during the trade show and generates the right impact on the trade show audience.


Visual representation of your booth design on a screen will draw more customers towards your booth space. Besides, it can also effectively highlight your products/services.

In this regard, interactive technology can be leveraged. Like for instance, touch-screen technology in the booth area. This will get more potential customers’ interested and gain access to all the information they would like to have of your brand, through images, videos, and websites.


Maximize the most of the allocated booth area by making the most of the height allowance for your show spot. They will go a long way in highlighting the significance of your booth design.

  • Hanging structures can be adjourned from the ceiling. 
  • Lights can be incorporated in the stand area. This will help to highlight not only the booth design, but also highlight the marketing message conveyed through the booth design. 
  • LED Strips can be used in product display areas to highlight your products. 
  • Colored Lighting can be incorporated in a creative way across your booth stall area. This will help to create a particular tone for your participation in the event.

Creative use of lighting will 

  • Make your stand and booth more visible even from a distance. It will also make it easier for the visitors to view the display and read the message.
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of the booth design. 
  • Create different moods and ambiance in and around your booth area.
  • Function as an effective branding solution that makes a significant brand impression in the trade show.


To create a stellar first impression, your booth design must 

  • Contain the right mix of clear and concise life-sized graphics and highest quality images, with the color, design, font, and messaging consistent in line with your brand’s theme and objectives.  
  • Have the most important graphics and messaging displayed in the most prominent place of the booth design. They must be placed at eye-level that is at least 20 inches off the floor. This way, people can read and see them from left to right and from top to bottom. 
  • Maintain a consistent brand theme and color scheme. This will help to facilitate greater brand recall; and also convey the brand message easily. 

The main purpose of your booth design must be to create an experience for the trade show audience. Herein, having an open booth design also helps. It will make the trade show audience feel welcomed in your booth thereby enabling them to engage better with your brand.

When your booth design impresses the trade show audience, your brand gets to actually connect with its customer-base. The focus all through of your booth design must be on your brand and what sets it apart from its competitors.

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