7 Ways to Effectively Market Your Stall Design Display Companies at an Exhibition

Consumer awareness is important for business success. A company can’t succeed if its clients are unaware of its existence. Customers would not go out of their way to find you. They will gravitate toward those who are well-known, visible, and easily accessible. Get out there and promote your business! How do you go about doing that? Traditional ads and promotions are also an important part of every company’s growth. You can promote and advertise your brand in a variety of ways.

One feature that is an especially successful method of promoting your company is attending exhibitions.

Business exhibitions organised by exhibition display companies and many other exhibiting opportunities provide a plethora of ways to advertise the business, brand, and goods and services. They’re also a perfect way to communicate and connect with current and future customers in a face-to-face environment. The goods and services on display pique the attention of exhibition attendees. 

  7 Ways to Effectively Market Your Business at exhibitions

1) Pay close attention

Use banners, banner stands, giveaways, competitions or award draws, literature, and interactive elements like touch screens to collect consumer information, demonstrate a product, or perform a survey to attract people to your booth. Make your booth interesting, enjoyable, and engaging by picking a unique theme. A higher volume of booth traffic will be generated by key sales and marketing messages, eye-catching signage, insightful literature, appealing giveaways, and engaging elements.

2) Conduct research

While it is critical for exhibition display companies to meticulously schedule their exhibition booth, it is also critical to perform research well in advance of the event. Decide which exhibitions are best for the company’s sales and marketing objectives. Examine each exhibition’s specifics, such as the number of exhibitors, the average number of attendees (potential customers), attendee demographics by job type, and so on. 

If necessary, conduct interviews with companies who have previously demonstrated and solicit their input and opinions on the event. It can be expensive to exhibit at exhibitions. You must thoroughly study all aspects and determine which exhibitions can provide the best return on investment.

3) Fill out an application

 If you’ve determined which exhibitions to attend, get your registration in as soon as possible. Many exhibition organisers allow easy online registration, and some even give discounts for early registration, saving the company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

4) Set your goals

 Your exhibition display companies will help you set goals for yourself and the people who will be working at your exhibition booth. Make a list of goals and rank them in order of importance. Staff meetings can result in methods for achieving certain goals, allowing everyone to concentrate on the most important ones. Collect “X” number of sales leads with a leads certification survey; coordinate “X” number of sales demonstrations; or gather research on rival brands is all examples of objectives.

5) Raising awareness

Promote your presence at the exhibition by sending a direct mail piece to confirmed attendees (or a targeted list selected from the list of confirmed attendees); and by announcing it on your website, in email promotions, newsletters, blogs, social networking pages, and email signatures. Be sure to publicise any contests for prize drawings you intend to conduct to bring more customers to your booth. Make sure everyone knows where your booth will be so they can quickly find you.

6) Competitions 

A contest or award drawing is an excellent way to get people to come to your booth. Request that visitors visit your booth to complete a leads qualification survey and be entered into a contest or award drawing while advertising your attendance at the exhibition. Choose a prize that has wide appeal to your current and potential customers or one that is related to your company, goods, or services. 

For Example: If you sell survey software or survey analysis services, the award may be a survey administration computer, such as an iPad or a tablet PC for conducting mobile surveys, or a copy of the survey software so the winner can build and administer their surveys. This is a fantastic way to attract new clients. Follow up with all connections as soon as possible after the exhibition.

7) Make the required preparations

 Bring plenty of supplies to the exhibition to avoid running out of valuable literature, brochures, business cards, and giveaways. Check the research to figure out how many people will be there. Calculate the number of attendees who might come to your booth and carry so many materials. In all likelihood, not every attendee will stop by your booth. Also, instil enthusiasm in all employees who will be representing the business at the booth.

 Ascertain that they are well-versed in the industry, existing and emerging products and services, business trends, and competitors so that they can engage in insightful dialogue with potential customers. Encourage them to connect and engage with participants, fill out the leads 

qualification survey to collect contact information, and visit competitor booths organised by other exhibition display companies.


If you need help creating an innovative booth concept for an upcoming exhibition, our team of committed professionals at SOL will be happy to assist you. For more details, please contact us today.

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