Virtual Exhibitions Designed By Stall Designers and its Benefits

Any event can go interactive if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last year. When conferences, happy hours, and virtual exhibitions are brought to the computer screen, they frequently generate up to eight times the amount of registrations as in-person activities. This expanded accessibility and scope opens up new possibilities for meetings and events.

Although exhibitions designed by stall designers thrive in person, much of what makes them successful – networking, appointments, and leads – can also be done online. exhibitions aren’t just for in-person activities; they’re also for interactive and hybrid events. However, they need different approaches, and getting the right plan in place can help you succeed in the virtual and hybrid environment.

What is a virtual exhibition, and how does it work?

A exhibition usually takes place on a show floor designed by stall designers, but when the event goes interactive, it takes place on a tablet. A virtual exhibition will have anything you need, including virtual stalls, appointments, sponsorship levels, and lead tracking, thanks to virtual event technology.

Exhibitions also assist in defraying the expense of an event by allowing exhibitors to fund the event to gain access to attendees, and virtual exhibitions are no exception. Sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees will interact, network, and gather leads at a virtual exhibition.

Benefits Of Virtual exhibitions

  • Obtain a larger audience

Virtual events typically attract 8-10 times the number of attendees as conventional in-person events.Interactive events now have a wider audience and can be more affordable thanks to the improved accessibility, which lowers the barrier to entry for participants. Since there is no travel involved, admission expenses are smaller, and time away from the workplace is reduced, attendance is substantially higher. For your exhibitors, a larger audience means more exposure and leads.

  • Enhanced visibility at activities

We all know that one of the keys to success at in-person exhibitions designed by stall designers is a place, location, location. Veterans of these shows know to avoid being near the entrance (but close by! ), to score intersections with numerous traffic flows, and to be close to treats, coffee shops, and bathrooms. Sorry for the inconvenience, but virtual changes all!

During a virtual case, there is plenty of real estates to sell exhibitors to optimise their visibility. Promote them prominently on your virtual event’s website and in participant-only sections with accessible sponsor and exhibitor directories.

Enable them to fund sessions if they want to. They will target attendees and collect lead information from those who attend those sessions. Each exhibitor may also have their booth inside your virtual exhibit hall, where they can share relevant links and other material as well as show information about their company and booth staff.

  • Meet with attendees who are involved

Meeting with attendees is the most important part of a exhibition, with appointment-setting being at the top of the list. Face-to-face may become interactive. Make scheduling appointments in a one-to-one or one-to-many environment easier with video conferencing capabilities. Additionally, guests and exhibitors may schedule visits in advance, making it simpler for booth staff to schedule the appropriate online conversations.

  • Obtain more leads

Make it easy for attendees to request to be approached by exhibitors by using virtual booths and virtual event resources. They will directly communicate with exhibitors about their preferences and contact details. These people become inbound leads, who are more competent than those who haven’t lifted their hands yet.

What is the best way to set up a virtual exhibition?

Don’t be concerned. This is something you’ve done before, but not virtually. Finding the best event tools to support your goals, engaging with exhibitors, and being prepared for something is all part of planning a virtual exhibition. Making sure you provide exhibitors with all they need to make their inclusion in your event worthwhile is at the top of the list. Appointments, exhibition booths, branding, opportunities to connect with attendees, and, of course, lead capture are all part of this strategy.

Choose the best virtual exhibition platform for you

Depending on the scale of your event, you’ll have different needs. Consider the big picture when searching for exhibition solutions. Is there a virtual solution to power your events and exhibitions that you can find on an event tech platform?

Building a comprehensive event strategy that incorporates the right event technology to support virtual, in-person, and hybrid events would enable you to monitor outcomes on the same platform, making success easier to identify and demonstrate. Make a list of the features you’ll need at your exhibition and search for vendors that can provide you with the services you need.

Final Thoughts

In 2021 and beyond, one thing remains true: the event environment has broadened, and it is up to exhibition managers and marketers to succeed in the virtual, hybrid, and in-person worlds. Digital exhibitions can be just as popular as in-person exhibitions designed by stall designers, if not more so, with the right event technology and plan in place

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