Everything You Need To Know About Exhibition Display Branding To Stand Out.

At an exhibition, your exhibition display stands are an extension of your brand.

In other words, they are a representation of your brand. This is why companies will make sure to maintain and create a brand image for the booth to make it stand out. 

But with so many companies exhibiting from the same industry, how do exhibition companies brand their expo stands? For better understanding, we have detailed how you can build your exhibition display’s branding. 

  • Creating Brand Identity

The first thing any successful booth would do is create its brand identity. For this, the company will focus on establishing a target audience and create an identity that the audience can relate to.  

In doing so, the brand will be able to formulate certain goals for its branding. This will be reflected in your booth’s marketing strategies. The more the target audience can connect with the brand, the more attendees will be attracted to your stand in exhibition events. 

  • Booth Design
Your booth design is what attracts attendees to your brand. So, you need to make sure that your exhibition display design is both eye-catching and functional. Here’s how you can do just that.
  • Exhibition Booth Size: You don’t need a big booth to build your exhibition display brand. Your booth must reflect the brand’s image, products and services. However, make sure the booth size does not get overshadowed by other stand designs. 
  • Colour Palette: The most common way companies make their booths stand out is by using their brand colours in them. But you can use certain colours to create specific emotions in your attendees. For example, yellow creates a happy and positive while green creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Booth Graphics: The first thing attendees see when they look at a booth is the graphics. Make sure to use your brand logo, eye-catching messaging and designs to stand out. Don’t forget to have your graphics at eye level and above the exhibition booth.  
  • Improving Brand Awareness: Your exhibition display won’t bring in results if you don’t increase your brand awareness. The more brand awareness your company gains, the more customers you will gain. Thus, creating customer loyalty. Here’s how you can do just that.
  • Customer Orientation: While gaining leads and increasing sales is the main objective of any company, the ones that stand out at an exhibition go beyond their goals. In other words, they create a customer-oriented exhibition stand. If your booth caters to your attendees’ needs it creates the impression that you care about your customers and want to provide them with the best services. 

For example, you could include a small cafe or snacks and beverages counter at your booth. You can also have a sitting area near for the attendees to rest. Without approaching them you can make your brand known by playing a video near the sitting area and having branded packaging at the cafe. 

  • Attendee Experience: If attendees don’t feel involved they won’t stay long at your booth. Moreover, as there are many exhibits if there’s nothing that makes their experience memorable they will walk out. 

One way you can create a memorable attendee experience is by giving out promotional items. Since it is hard to keep track of all the exhibits that the attendees visit, a simple way to give out freebies that will make attendees remember your brand. Other ways include video walls, photo booths and so on. 

  • Sensory Engagement: The more physically engaged the attendees are with your brand, the more likely is it that it will create a good impression on them.

You could have product demonstrations that let the attendees try out the products for themselves. You could also have games and contests that would create some noise in your booth which will further attract other attendees. Including AR and Vr in your booth is a popular choice among exhibitors to engage their senses.

  • Brand Activation: Another way to increase brand awareness about your brand is by launching a new product or service, or even rebranding. The excitement of experiencing something new will surely bring in attendees. 

For example, as an art brand, you can launch a new line of painting materials and offer a launch day discount to the attendees. 

We hope this article was helpful in understanding exhibition stand branding. Your exhibition display stands are a window to your brand. This is why branding your expo stands are essential to break through the crowd and have a successful exhibition.

Tip of the Day: Make sure to train your exhibition booth staff well as they will be the ones to interact with the attendees. Moreover, the exhibition goals must be communicated to them so that they can meet the set targets. 

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