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Ways to Improve your Exhibition Booth Stand’s ROI

While a crowded exhibition stand might make it seem like you have a successful event, the true measure lies in the booth’s ROI (Return on Investment). When brands plan to set up a show booth at the exhibition, apart from their set goals and targets, they also expect to achieve a certain level of ROI. After all, setting up a booth is an expensive investment.

But before we continue let us briefly explain ROI. ROI stands for Return on Investment. In simple terms, when a company makes an investment, for example, setting up an exhibition stand design booth, after the event the company will calculate the profitability of the investment. Thus, the higher the ROI rate, the more profitable was the investment.

So the question arises, what can brands do to improve their ROI? Here are 6 ways through which the ROI of your exhibition stand booth can improve.

Formulate a Pre-Exhibition Marketing Strategy

Your pre-exhibition marketing plan will determine how you can increase your outreach to the target audience and get them to attend the event. For that, make sure the content highlights the features of the booth, the products displayed, their benefits, and so on. You must also mention the theme of the exhibit to create curiosity among your audience.

Media Coverage

The most inexpensive way to promote your brand’s exhibition stall at the event is through social media. From posting photos and videos to linking the registration website link, social media can help you increase your outreach and widen your target audience. 

For more media coverage, you can also invite bloggers, influencers, and industry experts to talk about your exhibition stand builders display on their platforms. Make sure to approach the mentioned people months in advance, especially around the time you announce your participation in the exhibition.  

If you are inviting news reporters make sure to provide them with innovative and new material for their content. While engaging with the news outlets make sure to highlight products and their benefits.

Create an Engaging Exhibition Booth Display

When you are exhibiting, it goes without saying that the aim is to attract attendees, gain leads, and increase sales. But with hundreds of exhibits, the task is to make sure that the attendees engage with yours. 

Firstly, if your exhibition stand booth has products on display, emphasize them. Make sure they are placed at the front and center so that even the attendees standing outside the booth can clearly see them. 

Conduct product demonstrations that allow the attendees to try out the products as they are more likely to remember your brand if they were physically involved in an activity. If you can give out sample products with the giveaways so that the attendees can use the product even after the exhibition is over. 

Follow Up After the Exhibition

There is a high chance that the attendees will forget about a majority of the exhibits they visited within a week. So the goal is to turn the prospects into leads when your exhibition booth display is still fresh in their mind.

So, here are some tips on how you can effectively follow up after an exhibition to increase your sales. 

  • Begin with your follow-up campaign, emails, and messages within a week of the exhibition’s end.
  • Rather than using words like “attendee”, “visitor” or any other general term to address the people, personalize the emails with their names. 
  • Make sure the follow-up content includes the show booth’s pictures or videos.
  • Make sure the content you share is different from the last one. Otherwise, the prospects won’t open the mail. 

Analyze the Show Booth

If you attended more than one show, apart from analyzing the booth design exhibits separately and calculating their ROI, compare their results. This will help you understand which exhibit performed better and what was different about the exhibit. 

Moreover, this analysis will be beneficial when you are preparing for an upcoming event as you will know what works best for the brand. 

We hope this article will help you improve your exhibition stand booth’s ROI. 

The best exhibition stands know that your exhibition costs are huge but the goal is to have a larger ROI. Your ROI is an indicator of how successful your exhibit was. So, as a marketer, the hardest part is to find ways through which your can boost your ROI rate. Luckily, all you have to do is implement these ways into your exhibition plan and boost your exhibition stand booth’s ROI.

Tip of the Day: Having the brand ambassador at the exhibition booth display is a great way to attract crowds, especially if it’s a celebrity. Their presence and engagement with the audience can do wonders in bringing in the crowd. 

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