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The Benefits of Having the Brand Ambassador in your Exhibition Booth Display

With the cut-throat competition, exhibition exhibitors will do all they can to make their booth stand out. From hiring the top exhibition company to make a creative exhibition booth to formulating an elaborate marketing plan. 

However, the best exhibition stands will think outside the box to have an upper hand. This is why they will have the brand ambassador present in the booth. Why is that? Because they know that nothing can help the company connect with the audience more than personal touch, even if the latest technology is used in the exhibition booth display

But the question that arises is what can brand ambassadors bring to the table? Wouldn’t it be better to just spend more on marketing rather than have the brand ambassador?

Here are 6 benefits of having the brand ambassador in your exhibition booth display

  • Professionals 

If you are worried about the brand ambassador not being able to deliver the expected speech, conduct activity, and game or even engage with the audience, don’t. 

Brand ambassadors are professionals who are skilled to not only attract attendees to your exhibition stand but also make them comfortable and interact with them. Moreover, the brand ambassadors are the face of the company, so there is a high chance that they are someone well-known in the industry.

  • Booth Promotion

As brand ambassadors, their job is to promote the brand and its products and services. A few weeks before the exhibition, you can ask the ambassador to promote the exhibition booth display talking about their appearance. 

You can also ask them to be a part of the marketing campaign. For example, if you are a skincare brand, you can ask the ambassador to promote the products on their social media.

Moreover, at the exhibition stand, you can ask them to interact with attendees and conduct a few activities. 

  • Increase in Show Booth Traffic

The biggest advantage of having a brand ambassador presentation in an exhibition stall is how easily they can attract traffic. Announcing their appearance creates excitement and buzz around your booth. 

You can have them give a presentation or conduct product demonstrations to bring in the attendees. So, when other attendees see a crowd in your exhibition booth display

  • Increase Engagement Rate

Brand ambassadors are professionals when it comes to engaging with customers. Thus, they can interact with the attendees with ease, leaving the show booth staff to focus on other aspects of the booth. 

Moreover, attendees are more likely to engage with a person whom they know. Their friendly, approachable can make the exhibition display more engaging and fun. 

Some common things which brand ambassadors do to increase the attendee engagement rate in an exhibition are product demonstration, question and answer sessions, presentations, conduct activities, play games, hold raffles, take part in a discussion panel, and much more.

  • Experts on your Products and Services

As a brand ambassador, you are required to be well-aware of your products and services.

This is especially beneficial during presentations and attendee interactions, where they might be asked about it. Given that they are a part of the industry or are related to it, they can convince the attendees to buy the products. 

  • Support the Booth Staff

The presence of the brand ambassador is a boon to the booth staff. There are various reasons for it. Firstly, the show booth staff is not burdened with having to present and engage with the attendees, while also collecting their data. 

Secondly, while the brand ambassador is engaging with the audience, they have more time to focus on other aspects of the exhibit. Moreover, they can provide more detailed information to the attendees who might approach them. 

They can also attend to other attendees who may have entered the exhibit, while the brand ambassador was talking. Most importantly, the staff isn’t overworked as they are not doing 

We hope this article will why having the brand ambassador in your exhibition booth display is beneficial for an upcoming exhibition

It is not uncommon for brands to have their brand ambassadors present at their booth, given how they can draw in attendees, especially, if they are a well-known face in the industry. 

A brand ambassador can be an element that adds to the charm of your exhibition display. Moreover, they can bring in attendees and engage with them with ease. This could give you an upper hand in standing apart from other exhibitors. 

Tip of the Day: Make sure to approach the brand ambassador months before the event takes place to ensure that they will be available. Moreover, use this opportunity to work on the marketing strategies and other promotional ideas which person will be a part of. 

If you need assistance in building a creative booth design for an upcoming event, our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details.

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