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The Exhibition Planning Guide from an Event Management Company

What is an Exhibition?

An exhibition is an anticipated gathering of distinguished individuals who want to exhibit a collection of things. Bringing together groups of professionals, companies, and market specialists to witness, talk, network and engage in business are on the rise widely accepted in every industry. A exhibition is another name for it.

How Do you Organize and Host an Exhibition?

Here is an event management company’s step-by-step guide to planning an exhibition. Follow these 11 steps to host the  perfect exhibition.

  • Establish Goals and Target

Setting objectives and goals that must be reached is the first thing any event management business chooses to follow. Some common questions that need to be answered are: why are you hosting the exhibition? How many attendees are expected to attend? How many expo stands will be there? How do you plan on getting your ROI? What are the registration fee and process? etc.

  • Do Research

The most important step is to research the industry to understand what are the biggest trends, industry giants, industry experts, sponsors, venue, investment amount and much more. Moreover, it will also help you set the event dates, floor plan, registration process, exhibition stall space, etc.

  • Schedule the Event Days

Following your investigation, you will be able to determine which dates are ideal for your show, visitors, and the exhibition stand that different companies will establish. Moreover, it will also decide if the event is going to be international or not. 

  • Book the Venue

You have to book the venue in advance. An event management company would suggest going and booking the place a year before the event takes place. Because there will be many other events taking place, it will also allow you to schedule it for the specified day.

  • Create the Exhibition Floor Plan

During the planning stage, you need to decide how many exhibition exhibitors can set up their exhibition display stands. This is important since you will need to design a floor plan for the show booth area.

Also, you need to have space for refreshment counters and seating areas, a stage for presentations, speeches, discussion panels. Moreover, you also need to decide the dimensions for each space and set a price for it. 

  • Collaborate with Sponsors

Often, exhibition organizers will have sponsors for the events. So, the first thing you need do is compile a list of potential sponsors for the event. Apart from sponsoring your exhibition, they will also increase your outreach for potential attendees.

As soon as you’ve worked together, make sure to promote the event by mentioning their names, offerings, and services.

  • Make the Announcement

Finally, after all the planning and booking is done, you can announce the event to the world. As the organizer, you should publish the dates at least a year beforehand to give businesses enough time to construct exhibition stall, develop marketing strategies, send out invitations, and other necessary tasks.

  • Market the Event

Now that you have announced your event’s dates, you need to market your event. As soon as the event dates are revealed, stick to your planned promotion strategy. Create a web page where both companies and attendees can register.

Include the registration dates, event dates, and venue in the content. Aside from mass emails and messages, you can also send our personalized emails to particular attendees at the event.


  • Registration 

Provide multiple days to ensure guests and businesses are able to register themselves, instead of to just one. Make sure that the registration for both are different from each other so that they don’t get mixed up.  

The registration period for attendees may be prolonged, but there is a deadline for exhibitors. Also, ensure that you have registration cancellation day too, in case any attendee or exhibitor wants to cancel. 

  • Send out Invitations

While you may have opened registrations and sent out personalized emails to some, if you want any special professionals present in your event, send out invitations. The same goes for the sponsors.

Furthermore, lecturers, panellists, CEOs, and other important individuals must be invited.

  • Refreshments

It is your job as organizers to supply refreshments to participants, exhibitors, and other workers. Make contact with the catering service several months in advance. Also, ensure that you have booked water stations, vending machines and snack counters for both attendees and staff. 

An event management company is used to organizing and handling large scale events, and one such event is an exhibition. Thus, we aim that this content will assist you in planning your scheduled event.

Tip of the Day: Ensure that the registered exhibitors get an exhibitors service kit that details the floor plan, additional charges, power outlets, and so on,

If you are struggling with creating an innovative booth design for a forthcoming event, our workforce of dedicated industry experts is available to help you. Contact us today for more details. 

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