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How Custom Stand Builders Make a Small Booth Look Bigger

The budgets for various brands’ exhibition booth stand differ. Therefore, it should go without saying that businesses with larger finances have the advantage of going all out to stand out from other exhibitors. There are no restrictions on their designs, from personalized custom stand displays to AR and VR technology.

However, for smaller booths the case is different. Because of this, the company is unable to incorporate all the desired features and technologies in the expo stands. This is when custom stand builders step in and spruce up the small booth to make it appear larger.

How so? Here are 8 things custom stand builders incorporate into your small booth to make it look bigger. 

  • Full-Size Mirror

Using a mirror, particularly a full-size mirror, is a popular trick implemented by many interior designers.The mirror is not for taking selfies, either.

The mirror reflects everything, therefore if it is placed strategically throughout the show booth, it might illuminate everything inside, providing the booth an illusion of being twice as large. Therefore, it is typical for custom stand builders to add into your small booth.

Additionally, the participants’ reflections in the mirror provide the appearance that the booth is filled with more visitors. Likewise, due to the way individuals influence each other, the more visitors there are to a booth, the more probable it is that other participants will stop by. 

  • Installing an Upper Deck

One of the main challenges for custom stand builders is a lack of space because they can’t fit all the necessary components into the exhibit booth design. This is especially prevalent with brands that need a private meeting room, a product display area, or both.

Therefore, in order to make the most of the available space, stall designers frequently choose to include an upper deck in the booth. The upper deck can be used to double the space available to you without requiring to purchase a larger booth space. Additionally, the upper deck’s proportions can be adjusted to meet the needs of the brand.

  • Open Show Booth Layout

Many exhibition stand design businesses will develop an open show booth plan for expo booths rather than concealing them with walls.

The fundamental concept of how people perceive space will be used by the custom stand builders to create an open floor plan with few or no walls. An enclosed area appears smaller for the more enclosed it is. The intention is to design a layout that allows the eye to view farther away without being constrained by a wall . 

  • Minimal Furniture

Eliminating bulky furniture from your exhibition stand is a quick and easy approach to make it appear bigger. The last thing you need in a small place is furniture that takes up room. Additionally, fewer furniture means that guests and personnel are less likely to trip over it when moving around.

This is why choosing simple furnishings over bulky armchairs and sofas, that includes bar chairs and tables, not only helps you make more space but also makes the show booth look seemingly less cluttered.

  • Minimal Design

The number of exhibitors who lose their space due to redundant designs that scarcely provide any value to the display booth cannot be emphasized enough. Because of this, custom stand builders will minimise the physical design components when developing the booth.

It not only gives you ample space, additionally it provides the booth an organised appearance. Modern minimalist architecture is trending at the moment and gives the show booth a sleek look. Utilising digital tools to present the products and host interactive activities is an ideal way to maintain a simple design.

  • Raised Flooring

You may stand out from other exhibitors with the few extra inches. The easiest approach to avoid having your small booth overshadowed by larger expo stands is to have a raised floor that makes the booth appear tall.

  • Lesser Text and Graphic

Attendees may find it more difficult to understand what you are promoting or even presenting if your banners include a lot of text and visuals. When there isn’t much space, anything that is overdone, especially text and graphics, can look cluttered. This is due to their close proximity, which overwhelms the person.

So, limit the amount of text you write. Videos and presentations are effective for conveying your message as they don’t put too much pressure on the eyes. Furthermore, rather than incorporating it in the banner, the staff may communicate the specifics of a product or brand.

  • Creative and Interactive Walls 

As previously stated, you must minimise some aspects to make your display booth stand appear larger. But that doesn’t imply you have to get rid of them entirely.

The advent of technology has eliminated the need for a separate counter or place for components like games, interactive activities, product presentations, movies, and much more. On-screen streaming and interaction with these components is possible with video walls.

We hope this post has helped you understand how custom stand builders may help your modest exhibit appear grander. The size of the exhibition stand is reduced by the booth area due to a limited budget. However, you can make the booth appear larger with the help of these tips.

Our team of committed experts can help you develop a unique booth design for an upcoming expo.

Contact us today for more details. 

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