Top 7 Ways in which Exhibition Stall Owners use Lighting to Attract Attendees to Their Stall

Even though we may not realize it, subconsciously, the lighting around us affects how we perceive an object. While gloomy and ill-lit places are usually avoided, well-lit ones are something people will choose to be in.

This brings us to the question: can lighting fixtures affect the way attendees perceive expo stands? If so, how can exhibition exhibitors use lighting to their advantage?

Here are 7 ways through which exhibition exhibitors use lighting to attract attendees to their booth.


  • Centerpiece Lighting Fixture

As the name suggests, the centrepiece lighting is used to draw the attention of attendees with a unique look. While these may not be the main attractions the exhibitor has to offer, they do help in making the exhibition stand outshine others.

  • Spotlight Fixtures

The most common lighting fixtures used in any exhibition are the spotlights. These come in varying sizes and colors, offering a variety of options to choose from. 

The most common ones have suspended spotlights that are rigged to metal to framework illuminate the stall design as a whole. In other cases, they are attached to the booth walls to illuminate the graphics and text. 

The smaller spotlights are often used to highlight the display products in an exhibition stand display. As they are placed in a small space and close to the product, they illuminate them with high intensity.  

  • Neon Signage

Another emerging trend seen frequently in the lighting of an exhibition stall is neon signage. The main reason why brands opt for a neon sign is due to how it instantly grabs attention when placed around darker colors.

Usually, exhibition exhibitors will use them to spell out their brand name with the brand colors. However, some might use it for their brand’s tagline or any other catchy phrase. These also make excellent navigation signs when placed in large exhibition stand displays

  • Multi-Colored Strip/String Lights

These are usually attached around the perimeter of the exhibition booth stand. These lights illuminate the exhibition stall from the outside and add to the lighting inside the booth. 

Since these come in different sizes and colors, these can be placed according to the exhibition theme and even brand colors.

As they are placed on the outside, they also brighten up the design elements and banners placed in front of the display. 

  • Backlighting

To illuminate a graphic, text or image from the back, an exhibition display will have a backlight. These are lights installed inside the backdrop or wall, with a screen on the image or text placed in front of them. Thus, brightening up the image and text.

These are perfect for banners and AVs that are used to grab the attention of the attendees. Since these are generally used for banners, walls and backdrops, they instantly light up the booth too. Some exhibitors have shelves with backlights installed in them to illuminate their display products. 

Since the light isn’t too harsh on the eyes, they offer the perfect amount of luminosity without being too bright.  

  • Warm Lighting

It can’t be denied that there is something cozy and welcoming about warm lighting. This is why you will see many exhibition exhibitors will use warm lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere.

While some exhibitors might choose for ceiling lights, others might lower the lighting in their exhibition stand designs and utilise dazzling golden lights to draw attention to the products on display.

Now, while these are specific to any light fixtures, they do make the attendees feel comfortable just but looking at the expo stands. Thus, the warm setting helps the exhibit stand out in the sea of booths. 

  • Lightbox in a Counter

Apart from installing lightboxes in the display walls and backdrops, stall designers often opt for counters that can be fitted with lightboxes. These not only brighten up the booth but also make excellent displays for the brand logo, messaging and images. 

While fabric and other materials are used for the same, they can get lost or overshadowed by the other elements, Moreover, they might stick out like a sore thumb due to the lack of lighting. Thus, lightboxes in the counter blend in with the rest of the booth. 

We hope this article will help you understand how different exhibition exhibitors use lighting to attract attendees to their booth. 

The last thing any exhibitor wants is for their booth to be deserted. This is why a well-lit booth plays an important role in influencing attendees about how they perceive your brand and the exhibit. Moreover, if the attendees have to strain their eyes to see anything, they might just walk out. 

Thus, exhibition exhibitors must be strategic in choosing their lighting fixtures and placing them in the right place to highlight the important aspects of their exhibit.

Tip of the Day: We advise you to purchase LED light fixtures because they are not only economical but also environmentally good because they require less electricity.

Our team of committed experts will assist you if you need help creating a unique booth design for an upcoming expo. Contact us today for more details. 



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