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A reliable international exhibition company can help you in designing an exhibition stand or stand booth. Ensure you search for a dependable one before hiring.

The Process of Selecting the Best International Exhibition Company

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The good thing about hiring an international exhibition company is that you have little time to designing, planning and decorating your exhibit and this can be taken care of by them. A good international company can take care of everything to the perfect level of your objectives. Here is the process of selecting the best international exhibition company:

1. Ask Industry Experts

The key to a successful booth is hiring an exhibit company. As first-time exhibitors, the best way to choose the right one for you is by asking industry experts. This will get you to get the authenticity of the exhibition stand design company. Moreover, taking a practical decision based on the advice of professionals becomes viable. 

2. Ask Exhibition Company If They Are Familiar with the City or Venue

When your company is familiar with the city, and statutory requirements of its venue, participating in an exhibition becomes a little less stressful. But if not, you may face unforeseen circumstances or last-minute changes which can affect your exhibit. So once you buy the stand space, seek a professional exhibition company’s help. 

An exhibition company, who makes the best trade show booth in that country, will have a local presence in the cities and must be well-aware of the mandates and trade show guidelines of all the venues. Language and budget barriers arise when you’re exhibiting internationally. However, local exhibition agencies could relieve this stress by tackling labour and logistic issues for you.

3. Analyze from the Past Success Rate

When it comes to choosing the best international exhibition company, one has to look at the number of the companies. In other words, the past achievements  and awards along with the success rate tell a lot about the company. 

Exhibitors can either check the portfolio of the service provider or request documentation. These two steps will help them in knowing about the type of service offered by the exhibition stand contractors.

4. Check their Website

A reliable exhibition stand builders will certainly have a website for potential clients to view. A well-designed website gives the customer insight into how good the services are of the company.

If they don’t have a website, or it’s poorly designed, that firm may not be the best choice. When a company creates a website, it shows they plan to be around long enough for potential customers to discover their services. It also shows that they care enough about your first impression that they’ll care about yours as well.

5. Do Not Accept Sub-Contracting

Even though it may not be apparent when reading through their website, several exhibition booth design companies normally sub-contract various parts of the construction and design process for your stand. The problem that arises is that you don’t know who will be involved in the process.

So it is wise to find out if they operate in-house so that you can be relieved that the services will be high-quality level. The bad thing about sub-contractors is that you don’t how your ideas and requirements are being communicated. If they are not as reliable as the primary contractor you hire, things can go wrong very quickly. Therefore, avoiding this scenario altogether, ask this question in advance.

6. Ask them if They Offer Various Options

If you look for an international trade show stand designers, keep an eye out for one that provides several design options. The more options you have, the more you will be to find a solution that fits your requirements and your budget.

For instance, if in the past you had used simple pop up displays and you need to upgrade, ask the international exhibition company about the variety of selections available. They should match your requirements and budget with a range of selections and design concepts. Work with a company that offers a range of design, rental, and purchase options, and you will be more likely to get exactly what you are looking for while staying within your budget.

7. Check Out Examples of Their Work

Many quality companies will be able to show you examples of their work and put you on to customers that are happy to recommend them for their products and services. Speaking to customers and seeing examples of previous work is the best way to judge an exhibition design company on the level of service that they offer, and the quality of their exhibition booth.

By using the guide above you can rest assured that you are working with the best exhibition company.  For any assistance, contact us.

Happy Exhibiting! 

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