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If you’re a brand or an entity showcasing your products/services at an exhibition, the best way to make a brand impact, foster meaningful customer engagement, and create positive customer experience is through the audience’s hearts.

This is where selecting the best possible exhibition stand design plays a key role.

It is eventually exhibition stand design that will make or break your presence at the exhibition, whatever the reputation of your company or size of the exhibition stand booth.


There are several reasons that make an exhibition stand design important.

Foremost among them is exhibition stand design creates a strong visual identity of your brand; generates a positive first impression; and establishes its presence at the exhibition event. This will help to garner more customer leads and potential clients.

Secondly, it helps to create an engaging setting for visitors. This will goad them to spend more time at your exhibition stand booth and interact with your products and services.

Finally, it helps to channel the flow of visitors through your exhibition stand. An intuitive exhibition stand design with eye-catching materials placed at the front of the exhibition stand will make the visitors feel at home.

Role of Stand Design For Memorable Experience

Want to know what makes a stand design click with the audience, drive engagement, and create positive customer-experience?

If so, then here are some tips that can help to make your stand design a standout among the crowd.

1. Design With an Aesthetic Touch

Exhibition stands in most cases are often crowded as a result of which they get noisy. The look and feel of the exhibition stand design will go a long way to cut out the noise and clutter

An aesthetic stand design with visual elements will work as an effective focus of attention. It will be pleasing to the eyes of the beholder; evoke special emotions and produce positivity amongst attendees; and provoke spontaneous sentimental connection. This in turn will foster engagement between the exhibitor and attendee; and if successful can even forge a business deal.

2. Create an Enticing Atmosphere with Stand Elements

There is no doubt that stand design play a major role in building an effective brand presence, and creating positive sentiments amongst the visitors. However, it is stand elements that builds up intuitive awareness in viewers of your brand presence. 

Hence, it is critical to select the appropriate stand elements. From adding warm lights to introducing eye-catching illustrations, infusing subtle structures that communicates in a different way to the audience, and more, stand elements can create an inviting atmosphere to attract the audience towards your exhibition stand.

3. Lighting

For long, lighting has been used to inject that unique ‘wow factor’ to exhibition stands. The brilliance of bespoke lighting can enrich the aesthetic features of the exhibition stand design; helping it to express its individuality; and create an atmosphere that enlivens the customer experience. 

From neon-like LED to light boxes, illuminated shelving, etc, they all help to heighten your brand image; and better still, they are great to experiment with. This way, you can find new solutions to leverage them to maximize your exhibition stand design impact; and add warmth and amiableness to your exhibition stand and booth,

4. Colour

Colors have an enormous influence in determining the theme of any exhibition stand design. Several studies reveal color to be the most vital visual cue for impacting and influencing buyers and visitors.

Wrong color combination in any stand design will only end-up spoiling the mood of the viewer, while the right mix of colors in the design will help to grab viewers’ attention; make the design theme instantly recognizable; and elevate the brand image.

  • BLACK: The use of black, considered to be a sophisticated color, in the stand design will make it look more distinct and also glamorous. Additionally, it gels well with most other colors, especially white. To convey authority and status, use black in the exhibition stand graphics.
  • ORANGE: Orange color symbolizes energy, fun, and passion. Using orange in the design will help to energize it. This will instill liveliness in your attendees as well. 
  • RED: The color ‘RED’ symbolizes vitality. It excites the senses and most importantly, is the easiest color to spot. Incorporating red color in the design will make it more visible to attendees across the exhibition.

Aside from the above, there are basic colors like blue, green, yellow, etc, that can also make your exhibition stand design look even more exciting. However, a word of caution – avoid overdoing the usage of color in the design else its theme and message will get lost.

5. Texture

Exhibition stand ambiance can influence the perception of people of your brand. Using the right mix of texture and materials will work to heighten the appeal of the stand design. When you integrate them with scent, they create a warm and welcoming environment.

6. Mirrors

Mirrors are a wonderful way to create different perceptions of your exhibition stand design to the viewers. Having mirrors to the roof of the exhibition stand design will make the smaller space look larger, and grab attention. 

Drive Customer Experience With Event Marketing

Event marketing your exhibition design theme will heighten people’s interest in it; and drive greater customer experience.

When it comes to that, social media can be integrated into the design in varied ways. When you add social elements to areas of the design, they work effectively to fuel everything from engagement to lead generation and more. 

Some social media tools that can be exploited to create positive customer experience include

  •  LIVE ENGAGEMENT: It’s an effective way to get people using their social media platforms to engage with your exhibition stand. A good example is that of ‘Live Social Media Screen’, displaying photos with the event hashtag in your exhibition stand area. Likewise, visitors can be encouraged to take selfies through a backdrop wall; or competitions can be held through social media and later build in screens on the exhibition stand announcing winners and displaying their winning entries.
  • REAL-TIME INTERACTIONS: It can be leveraged to take your social engagement to the next level. Real-time interactions involve human elements and better interaction with those who take the time to engage with your brand representative at the stand booth. The way the viewers’ are approached will eventually decide the impact on the design. What will work positively is digital audience participation and not mere confinement to social media. This way, the brand can be promoted better online as it gets shared on social media. 
  • LIVE STREAM: It offers a terrific opportunity to engage with people who are not present at the event. Live-stream involves streaming the event proceedings live, like a speech by a keynote speaker or launch of a product/service. If the event is live-streamed in a high quality video format, with effective stand design presentation and sound/light in the background, it will work to engage a highly engaged audience. If done the right way, it will also work to enhance customer experience.

Experiential marketing can be incorporated as a part of the event marketing strategy. An effective experiential marketing will help your brand to forge a positive connection with the target-audience by engaging their senses to the maximum extent possible. A good example of experiential marketing would be to present your brand in an interactive way that tugs at the audience’s hearts and creates an impactful brand experience that is fun and enjoyable. Eventually, this will help to influence their purchase decisions and build healthy customer loyalty.

Whatever the strategies or tactics adopted, it is critically vital to ensure that the stand design as well as your brand is genuinely authentic. If done the right way, it will help to create a more positive customer experience.

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