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Hire a Stall Fabricator in Mumbai for your Next Exhibition at NESCO

So to participate in an exhibition, you need an exhibition stand. Now the task at hand is to design it and make it come to life. Now, unless you have hired an exhibition stall design company, your in-house team will have to hire an exhibition stall fabricator.

What is a Stall Fabricator?

As the name suggests, a stall fabricator is an expert at designing and building the exhibition stall. They might be hired by the exhibition company or directly by your company’s in-house team. You can hire them to design your show booth or you must provide them with a design so that they can build it.

Why Should You Hire a Stall Fabricator?

While one might think that your in-house team can pull off the booth, it is always a better idea to hire a professional with experience. Here are 6 reasons why you should hire a stall fabricator in Mumbai for your next exhibition in NESCO

  • Professionals

A stall fabricator is a professional. That means, they have the skills, experience and expertise to design and build your exhibition stall

From replacing bulky elements with lightweight ones, choosing eye-catching light fixtures, incorporating the appropriate booth layout, to many other such tweakings. As professionals, they know what will look best for your brand to attract attendees. Thus, they will design the exhibition stand accordingly. 

  • Perfect for First-Time Exhibitors and Startups

Since it is not possible for a start-up to hire all the services of a professional exhibit company, they can always choose to have the booth built professionally while they take off the other aspects.

Moreover, for a first-time exhibitor who may have rented or purchased a stand, having a professional design is a great way to know if your theme and concept are properly presented. In addition, you can also take their advice and tinker with your booth.

  • Cost-Effective

As mentioned earlier, they are perfect for startups and first-time exhibitors who don’t have a big budget. A good designer will keep this in mind and keep the cost to a minimum. And since you are directly involved with an exhibition company, the charges will automatically come down. 

On the other hand, the fabricator will tell you about their charges and you can negotiate from there onwards. 

  • Client-Centric Approach

A stall fabricator designs the show booth according to the client’s preferences. After all, their aim is to ensure that your exhibition stall stands out among the sea of other exhibits.

With each stand different from the other, the fabricators take into account your targets and goals to ensure that certain elements of the booth are highlighted to attract the attendees.

  • Custom Built Booths

Since the stall designers are the ones who design and build the booth, they create customized booths. Unlike purchasing a stand or renting a booth, exhibition stall designers will design the booth from scratch with the given dimensions. 

Since they are custom-built, the design elements in these booths are made to the company’s requirements. Thus, if you want an upper deck, a stage or even a particular booth layout, all this can be incorporated into the stand by the fabricator. 

Where Can You Find a Stall Fabricator?

You may find exhibition stall designers by performing a simple search for “stall fabricator in Mumbai” on search engines.

However, let us introduce you to SOL Brand Solutions, one of the leading stall fabricators in Mumbai, to ease your burden and spare you the trouble of seeking. Our team of professionals with years of experience is devoted to designing and building you the exhibition stand of your preference.

Whether you need a customized booth or a ready-made structure that needs to be designed, we have it all at SOL Brand Solutions. 

We hope this article helped you gain insight on how and why you must hire a stall fabricator in Mumbai for your next exhibition at NESCO. 

When working with stall designers, not only are you having your booth professionally made, their insight and minor tweakings can make a world’s difference in having a successful exhibition or not. Furthermore, they can also advise you to incorporate certain elements that might elevate the attendee experience and help you gain leads. 

Tip of the Day: Even if the stall fabricator is the one to design the exhibit, make sure that you relay your targets, highlighted elements, exhibition theme, color scheme and show booth dimensions. Also, ensure that you get timely updates from them. The last thing you want is to have your booth look nothing like your preference and lacks functionality.

If you need assistance in building a creative booth design or stall fabricators in Mumbai for an upcoming exhibition, our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details. 

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