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Tips to Create the Perfect Exhibition Presentation for your Booth

In order to help you design the ideal exhibition presentation for your booth, here are eight recommendations.


  • Do your Research 

If there’s one thing the attendees will notice right away it is a lack of research. You have to be able to not only give a presentation but also be able to answer questions and justify with relevant information why the attendees should buy your products and services. 

  • Choose the Right Speaker

While your content might be perfect with all relevant information, examples, statistics, etc., all of this would go waste if the speaker does not deliver it with charisma and confidence. In other words, the speaker needs to have a powerful hold on the audience, so much so that other attendees in the exhibition are drawn to your booth

The speaker must be knowledgeable about the products, their features, benefits and most importantly, know how to use them. Moreover, he must engage the audience in the presentation and use retable examples so that the audience understands the significance of the products. 

  • Market the Presentation

Just like you would market your exhibition booth display, your exhibition presentation also needs to be marketed. It’s quite simple when you create hype around your product, people will be intrigued about it. Thus, you can easily attract attendees to your exhibition stand.

This is particularly pertinent when you are introducing a new product. Since the attendees don’t know anything about the product, marketing the presentation will help you draw attendees to your stand booth.

apart from including the presentation in the marketing campaign, incorporate signage and banners into the booth so that the attendees passing by can know about it.

  • Keep it Short

With so many exhibition display stands to visit, the attendees won’t be keen on staying in your exhibition stall for a long time. 

Your presentation shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes long. Anything more than gives the impression that there is too much information that cannot be summarized effectively. Also, too much information can overwhelm and confuse the audience. 

While you are giving the presentation, the idea is to give the attendees a brief overview of the product. The additional information can be covered later by your booth personnel or during the Q&A session.

  • Focus on the Product

Your product is the highlight of the presentation. While you do introduce the brand, you must focus on the product, its features, and its benefits. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard with the details as too much information might overwhelm the attendees. 

Even the setting plays an important role in how the product will be perceived by the audience. If the product is not visible, it not only hinders your presentation, it will confuse your attendees. 

To make the presentation visible for everyone is by having a small screen that focuses on the product demonstration. 

  • Highlight the Benefits

Since the attendees know what the product is, so the speaker must focus on its benefits. The attendees in your exhibition stall want to know how this product will make their life easier without consuming too much time or energy. 

For instance, if a coffee maker is on display at your exhibition booth, you’ll want to emphasise how superior it is to other coffee-making methods. So if the machine uses eco-friendly coffee capsules or consumes less electricity, these benefits should be highlighted. 

  • A Well-Lit Exhibition Space

With all the effort that you have put into creating a presentation, the last thing you want is to present it in an ill-lit space. 

The stage on which you are presenting must be well-lit so that the audience can see the slides and the product clearly. If the attendees have to squint to see what’s being presented, the impact of the presentation will fall drastically. Moreover, some might even leave altogether. 

  • Giveaways for Attendees 

Handing out giveaways to attendees who attended the presentation is a good token of appreciation. If you can, have sample products as giveaways for the attendees. This way, apart from the presentation, they can try out the product for themselves. 

We hope this article will help in making the presentation for your booth. To deliver the perfect presentation, not only does the content need to be engaging, the attendees should have a memorable experience.

Tip of the Day: A good way to tie in the presentation, products, and the exhibition booth display is by incorporating the exhibition theme into the presentation.

If you need assistance in building a creative booth design for an upcoming event, our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details.One of the most creative ways to engage the attendees in your booth is through the presentation. An effective presentation will not only attract attendees but also increase your sales. However, in the hustle and bustle of creating amazing exhibition stands, exhibitors often forget to focus on creating effective and impactful exhibition presentations. 

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