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New technological advancements continue to reshape the world we live in. Likewise, they are doing the same in the world of trade shows and exhibitions.

With the competition getting tougher by the day, more brands are leveraging trade show technology in creative ways. They are even using technology in booth design to wow potential clients at trade shows and events. 


Over the years, trade show technology has evolved.

The role of trade show technology in booth design is best summarized in the following technologies.


Touch Screen technology is extremely flexible and versatile. It can be seamlessly integrated with the booth design; or embedded into panels or walls.

Rated as one of the best technologies that can be used to supplement a booth design, Touch Screen integration offers sizing options with limitless possibilities for experimentation.

Touch Screen Integration involves a handful of monitors or tablets that can capture lead contacts information; or show product videos, demos, or 3D models; or forge ;social media connections, or assist in keynote presentations, or facilitate swift and secure credit card sales, and so on. It can also effectively serve as a self-serve information kiosk when strategically placed near the booth design. 

When you have interactive touch screens near your booth design, it works to lure visitors to your trade show booth. Better still, it will offer the visitors’, the best possible immersive experience of the booth design.


Modern technology in the form of beacons helps to remotely connect visitors. This can be done through their Smartphone’s. 

A beacon is typically powered vide Bluetooth or near-field communications (NFC). Both of these methods work independently of Wi-Fi, but in different ways, and with different applications.

Beacons are a dual-purpose technology with the ability to 

  • Track the movement of the visitors’ at the trade show, their activities.
  • Improve visitor experience, and eventually boost engagement. 
  • Facilitate contactless interactions. 

Exhibitors can use them to send 

  • Marketing messages to the visitors based on their location in the trade show; 
  • Personalized offers to the visitors’ Smartphone.
  • Notification to people in attendance at the trade show.

In case the visitors’ opt-in, then you can share vital information and content that helps to drive better engagement; and also cultivate a prospective customer that otherwise might pass right by your booth without stopping at it.  Eventually, Beacons help to attract more traffic to your trade show booth and offer the chance to convert more potential clients.

A great majority of Android and Apple phones come shipped with both Bluetooth and NFC support. They both can be used by an exhibitor to reach out to more visitors.


Virtual walls have become the centre of attention at trade shows the world over. 

What made them popular, especially LED Video Walls, is they are easier to work with; and they help to create bigger and better video presentations. On the other hand, big screens are costly and accident-prone. 

Virtual Walls like sensory LED Walls can transform your booth design into an interactive experience. Using LED and Projection Surfaces, they create a digital, interactive wall for the visitors. 

Aside from detecting movement, which in turn will make your stand walls intelligent, they can be used by visitors to

  • Put down notes or write messages, create pictures, or play touch-screen games, via touch functions.
  • Build or customize a product for themselves. Like customization of a bicycle in the form of a virtual bicycle. 

Interactive and impressive, virtual walls can double up as a great fun and information front besides the booth design for the visitors.


Touch-Screen Technology acts as the bridge between the physical and virtual worlds. On the other hand, augmented reality overlay digital images and video onto physical environments. It is dramatically altering the way people live, communicate, create, and contribute.

In the world of trade shows and exhibitions, augmented reality can make the booth design as well as the exhibition stand, more immersive. It can be used to create an interactive experience through fusion of digital visuals of the virtual world with the real world. Now, when the visitors happen to stop by at your trade show booth and look at a hologram-like product on the screen of their mobile phone, they get to enjoy an interesting educational experience. Additionally, AR will help to make the booth design more intriguing that will bring your brand to life.

Augmented Reality can also function as a great trade show technology by

  • Allowing visitors to zoom in and spin around a 3D model that places your booth design or product on a pedestal in your booth. This creates a lifelike representation.
  • Displaying uniquely infographics, videos, and photos about your booth design and products in an interactive and engaging way.
  • Engaging the visitors’ with interactive product demos. This will help to increase leads and facilitate frictionless sales. 

With a targeted and personalized approach, augmented reality can help to create a more compelling booth or even booth design. Additionally, its highly efficient tools make it good enough to be used for even marketing campaigns.


If you want to experiment with lights, then 3D projection mapping technology is there to help you. It can create sensational effects around your booth design; or highlight your best products; or assist visitors around your booth.

This wonderful exhibit technology involves the use of carefully concealed projectors that can totally alter the appearance and feel of your products, and even booth design or the whole of your booth.

Safety and security has become an essential in crowded trade shows and exhibitions. If you want to keep your booth safe and secure, event technology in the form of facial recognition can be used. Although they are tricky to work with due to privacy issues, they can be used in a non-intrusive way to secure your booth. Like for instance, registering the visitors or gauging their experiences, or tracking their participation in the trade show.

Virtual Reality headsets can function as demonstration tools. They can be used to give the visitors’ a full virtual tour of your booth; or function as interactive demos of your products. Besides, they can be used for games and presentations.

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