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Too often at trade shows, majority of the displays look pretty much the same. Most will generally have a table with a generic table cover, at the front half of their space, with the staff sitting or standing behind it.

There could be the odd unique stand design or personalized exhibit design that could either be tucked away in the corner of the trade show floor or not exactly visible from a distance. Otherwise, by and large, most will have a basic display with booth graphics that are nothing more than just a logo of the company, on a solid color background.

If yours too happens to fall in the same bracket, then it will make your appearance in the trade show a waste of your investment in the trade show. On the other hand, if you have a custom booth design or a customized trade show display, then it’s likely to set yours apart from the rest of the displays. And better still, could make your display the talk of the trade show floor.


Aside from being unique, a customized trade show display brings along with it ample benefits. Like


It’s said that ‘First Impression’ counts. With a customized trade show display, you can genuinely make a great first impression. It will take just a few seconds for the viewers’ to notice your customized trade show display and quickly understand who you are and what your brand represents. This will drive them further to your booth to learn about your products/services, and how they can cater to their requirements.

A customized trade show display can also incorporate your brand message that reflects your business goals and objectives. If incorporated in an effective and creative way, it will sync with the viewers’ aspirations, and spread greater brand awareness. Additionally, a customized trade show display can be capitalized upon to showcase your brand consistently in a way that will make it easier for customers’ to find your booth in an exhibition show. This will even entice prospective customers’ to learn more about your brand and get them attracted to your products/services.

If you achieve success with a customized trade show display and create increased brand awareness, you can try the same tactic and achieve the same results with portable displays and banner stands; and overhead signs and backdrops.


When you opt for personalized exhibit design, it will help you to tailor your exhibit to your target market needs. If you successfully cater to your target market, then your business will automatically become more favorable to prospective clients; and succeed in effectively showcasing your products/services in a way that your get your target customers’ interested in.

Aside from presenting your booth in an attractive light, a personalized exhibit design will also work effectively to display your portfolio of products/services on your booth display; and promote your trade show booth on social media that will get your followers interested to visit and stop by your exhibits at the trade show.

To garner maximum benefits, your personalized exhibit design can be made more attractive to the audience by including giveaways that match your business’ branding and logo.


Being lightweight, a custom booth design offers the benefit of flexibility and reconfigurability. This will make it easy to set-up and disassemble that can later be transported quickly as well in a hassle-free manner. Besides, they can be easily stored in a storage facility and reused again at the next trade show. Eventually, you get to save on costs and time which will allow you to focus on more important issues that demand your constant focus and attention.

A custom booth design can also be reconfigured again to cater to prevalent trends and made more up-to-date. This will make it more appealing to the audience.

To get effective results, it’s advisable to collaborate with a professional booth design company. This will give you the benefit of elaborate design options suitable for trade shows. Besides, your custom booth design will get to be constructed with durable materials and engineered to withstand the test of time. This means, even with hectic travel and handle-related issues, the trade show booth design will retain its vitality and stay fresh.


In a trade show, there will be many companies with their own brand of stand designs. There could be some designs that more or less look the same; and some designs sporting the same old display. All of them will be looking to grab the attention of the visitors’ and emerge as a show-stopper.

In such a scenario, there can be no better way to say that your business is great than a unique stand design. When it is customized to reflect your brand profile, then it will work wonders. A customized unique stand design will create a one-of-a-kind visual impact that will draw everyone’s attention and attract the audience in droves to your booth. Besides, a customized unique stand design will show your uniqueness to the audience gathered at the trade show, well before they even meet you.

When you invest your money and time in a trade show, you put your company’s products/services, and reputation on the line at the trade show. Your primary goal should be to draw visitors to your booth. Ultimately, that is what will drive sales or generate leads. A unique stand design that is uniquely customized will make sure that you are putting out the best display that stands apart from the rest on the trade show floor.

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